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Lisa Kelly-Vance

Director of School Psychology

Department of Psychology

University of Nebraska Omaha

Arts & Sciences Hall 347 'R'

6001 Dodge Street

Omaha, NE 68182-0274

(402) 554-3563


Current Position

Professor, Psychology

Past Work Experience

School Psychologist, Council Bluffs

Part-Time Instructor, Creighton University

Education and Certification

Ph.D., Indiana University

M.S., Indiana University

B.A., Purdue University

Iowa License, School Psychology

Honors and Awards

University of Nebraska Outstanding Teaching and Instructional Creativity Award (2004)

UNO Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award (2002)

University Excellence in Teaching Award (2002)


My primary teaching activities are with the school psychology graduate program. I regularly teach courses in early childhood assessment and exceptional children. I also supervise practicum students and interns. When I have the opportunity to teach undergraduate courses, I teach Psychology of Exceptional Children and Educational Psychology. Service learning is an important component of my course.

Courses Taught


Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 4440/8446)

Education Psychology (PSYC 3510)

Psychology of Exceptional Children (PSYC 4590)

Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (PSYC 2130)


Assessment I: Foundations (PSYC 8520)

Early Childhood Assessment (PSYC 8530)

Family Analysis and Treatment (PSYC 8250)

Research Other Than Thesis (PSYC 9960)

Practicum in School Psychology (PSYC 9970)

Internship in School Psychology (PSYC 9980)

Psychology of Exceptional Children (PSYC 8590)

Advanced Educational and Psychological Consultation (PSYC 9910)


My personal research interests are primarily focused in two areas, (1) play assessment; and (2) Dual Language programs. In addition to these projects, I supervise numerous student research projects which may stem from my current projects or some focus on my other research interest in reading and early literacy. I am also working on developing a research agenda where I will investigate a problem-solving model for approaching student problems through a response to intervention approach.

Play Assessment and Intervention – I first became interested in play assessment as an alternative to standardized testing when I was a practitioner. Since that time I have collaborated with Dr. Brigette Ryalls developing procedures for conducting and coding play. We have collected data on typically developing and exceptional preschoolers and have investigated the reliability and validity of play assessment. The assessment data lead directly to appropriate intervention strategies.


Kelly-Vance, L., & Ryalls, B. O. (2008). Best practices in play assessment and intervention. In J. Grimes & A. Thomas, (Eds.), Best practices in school psychology V, vol. 2, 549-559.

Kelly-Vance, L., Nero, C., Casas, J. F., Ryan, C. S., Ryalls, B. O., Kurien, S. A., & Ferguson, A. (2006). Parental involvement in education: A comparison of English and Spanish speaking parents. The New Mexico Review, 14, 15-25.

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Riley-Heller, N., Kelly-Vance, L., & Shriver, M. (2005). Curriculum based measurement: Generic vs. curriculum dependent probes, Journal of Applied School Psychology, 21, 141-162.

Kelly-Vance, L., Needelman, H., & Anthis, K. A. (2004) Assisted reproduction versus spontaneous conception: A comparison of the developmental outcomes in twins. The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 165, 157-167.

Cherney, I. C., Kelly-Vance, L., Gill, K., Ruane, A., & Ryalls, B. O. (2003). The effects of stereotyped toys and gender on play assessment in 18-47 month old children. Educational Psychology, 22, 95-106.

Kelly-Vance, L., Ryalls, B. O., & Glover, K. G. (2002). The use of play assessment to evaluate the cognitive skills of two- and three-year old children. School Psychology International, 23, 169-185.

Kelly-Vance, L., & Schreck, D. (2002). The impact of a collaborative family/school reading program on student reading rate. Journal of Research in Reading, 25, 43-53.

Kelly-Vance, L., Caster, A., & Ruane, A., (2000). A comparison of the effects of nongraded grouping in elementary schools. The Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 46, 372-390.

Thompson, L., & Kelly-Vance, L. (2000). The impact of mentoring on the academic achievement of at-risk youth. Children and Youth Services Review, 22, 31-55.

Kelly-Vance, L., Needelman, H., Troia, K., & Ryalls, B. O. (1999). Early childhood assessment: A comparison of the Bayley Scales of Infant Development and play-based assessment in two-year old at-risk children. Developmental Disabilities Bulletin, 27, 1-15.

Rabak-Wagener, J., Eickhoff-Shemek, J., & Kelly-Vance, L. (1998). The effect of media analysis on attitudes and behaviors regarding body image. Journal of American College Health, 47, 29-36.

Kelly-Vance, L. & Ulman, J. (1993). The changing role of school psychologists in Iowa. Communique, 22,no. 2.

Scott, M. M., Wilson, G. H., & Kelly-Vance, L. (1989). A naturalistic study of teaching: Final report. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University.

Kelly-Vance, L. K., Bahr, C. M., Huberty, T. J., & Ewer-Jones, B. (1988). An analysis of variables that affect special education placement decisions. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 21, 444-447.

Professional Affiliations and Activities

National Association of School Psychologists (1985-present):

-Professional Growth Workgroup Chair (2010-present)

-Convention Program Co-Chair (2005-present)

-Communications Workgroup (2008-2010)

--Co-Chair (20090-2010)

Iowa School Psychologists’ Association (1990-1998)

-President (1993-1994)

-Program Chair (1992-1993; 1994-1995)

-AEA 13 Representative (1991-1992)

Nebraska School Psychologists Association (1995-present)

-AdHoc Restructuring Committee Chair (2007)

-Past President (2006-2007)

-President (2005-2006)

-Convention Planner (2004-present)

-President-Elect (2004)

-University Relations Committee Chair (1996-1999; 2002-2004)

Metro Area School Psychology group (2002-present)


-Faculty Facilitator (2002-2004)

Professional University and Community Service

Within the psychology department I have served as the director of the UNO School Psychology program since 2002, have been on several committees, and am an advisor for both graduate and undergraduate students.

I am involved in state and national level professional organizations. I am a past President of the Nebraska and Iowa School Psychology Association, and hold Co-Chair positions in NASP (Program, Communications) and am currently the Professional Growth Workshop Chair.


School Psychology Program Committee member (1995-present) (Chair, 2002-present)

Search Committee, Chair, School Psychology (2005-2006)

Graduate Program Committee (1996-1997; 2002-present)

Search Committee, School Psychology (2001-2002)

Undergraduate Program Committee (1995-1996; 2001-2002)

Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee (1997-2001)

Search Committee: Developmental Psychology Faculty member (1998-2001)

Merit Committee (1998, 2007)

Ad Hoc Merit Discussion committee (1998)

Psychology Department Advisory committee (1999-2001)

Interim program chair: School Psychology (1996-1997)

School Psychology Curriculum Committee (1998- 2003)

Attended NASP conferences (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004)

Psi Chi Faculty sponsor (1999-2000)


Presenter for Center for Faculty Development

Great Teaching Tips (2008)

Getting Involved (2007)

Community Engagement Committee (2007)

UNO Leadership Training Forum (2006-2007)

System-wide Gender Equity Committee (2006-present)

Dual Enrollment Project (2003-present)

University Committee for the Advancement of Teaching (1999-2002); Chair: 2001-2002

ECO4 Stakeholder Advisory Board: Effective Collaboration in Omaha for Early Childhood

Opportunities from an Ecological, Culturally-sensitive Orientation, Empowered by

Community-based Organization. (grant by the College of Education) (1999-2001)

Search Committee: Center for Faculty Development Staff Assistant (2001)

Featured Speaker: New Faculty Workshop (Fall, 2001)

Team Member: The National Center on Postsecondary Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Attending Institute workshop: November 2001 ( Annapolis, MD)


Nebraska Department of Education Response to Intervention Committee (revising Rule 51)

Nebraska Department of Education EC-Kindergarten Leadership Team

Nebraska University Trainers’ Group

Editorial Board member: Journal of Evidence Based Practices for Schools

Guest reviewer:

School Psychology Review

Behavior Disorders

Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Research in Reading

Psychology in the Schools

Autism Workshops and Consulting

Annual speaker in Creighton University Introduction to School Psychology course

Consultant to schools, early childhood centers, legal teams, families

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