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Brian McKevitt


Department of Psychology

University of Nebraska-Omaha

Arts & Sciences Hall 347Q

6001 Dodge St .

Omaha , NE 68182

(402) 554-2498


Current Position

Associate Professor, School Psychology Program, 2012-present


Past Work Experience

Assistant Professor, School Psychology Program, 2006-2012

School Psychologist, Heartland Area Education Agency 11, Johnston, IA, 2000-2006

Lecturer, Drake University, Des Moines, IA, 2004-2006

Lecturer, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 2002-2004

Teaching Assistant, CPC Behavioral Healthcare, Morganville, NJ, 1994-1996



PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Educational Psychology), 2001

MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Educational Psychology), 1999

BA, Boston College (Psychology, Summa Cum Laude), 1994



Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Licensed School Psychologist in Iowa

Certified School Psychologist in Nebraska


Honors and Awards

2011 UNO Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award

2009 Society for the Study of School Psychology Early Career Scholar

2008 Psychological Corporation/Trainers of School Psychology Junior Faculty of the Year Professional Development Scholarship

2001 Wisconsin School Psychologists Association Seibel Award for outstanding graduate student

2000 Student Affiliates in School Psychology (APA Division 16 Student Organization) Research Award

2000 Michael Vincent O’Shea Fellowship Recipient, awarded by the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


Courses Taught

PSYC 3510 (Educational Psychology)

PSYC 8500 (Professional, Legal, and Ethical Foundations of School Psychology)

PSYC 8540 (School Age Assessment)

PSYC 8576 (Behavior Analysis and Intervention)

PSYC 8800 (Ethics & Law for School Psychologists)

PSYC 9780 (Educational and Psychological Consultation)


Research Interests

School-wide positive behavior support, social skills/social-emotional learning interventions, testing accommodations, large-scale accountability assessment


Peer-Reviewed Publications

*Denotes student co-author

McKevitt, B. C., Dempsey, J. N.*, Ternus, J.*, & Shriver, M. D. (2012). Dealing with behavior problems: The use of positive behavior support strategies in summer programs. Afterschool Matters, 15, 16-25.

McKevitt, B. C. (2012) School psychologists’ knowledge and use of evidence-based social-emotional learning interventions. Contemporary School Psychology, 16, 33-45.

McKevitt, B. C., Elliott, S. N., & Kettler, R. J. (in press). Testing accommodations for children with disabilities. In D. Saklofske & V. Schwean (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Psychological Assessment of Children and Adolescents. New York: Oxford University Press.

Uvaas, T.* & McKevitt, B. C. (in press). Improving transitions to high school: A review of current research practice. Preventing School Failure.

Riley, J. L.*, McKevitt, B. C., Shriver, M. D., & Allen, K. (2011). Increasing on-task behavior using teacher attention delivered on a fixed time schedule. Journal of Behavioral Education, 20, 149-162.

Elliott, S. N., Kratochwill, T. R., McKevitt, B. C., & Malecki, C. K. (2009). The effects and perceived consequences of testing accommodations on math and science performance assessments. School Psychology Quarterly, 24, 224-239.

McKevitt, B. C. & Braaksma, A. (2008). Best practices in developing a positive behavior support system at the school level. In A. Thomas and J. Grimes (Eds.), Best practices in school psychology (Vol. 3; pp. 735-747). Bethesda, MD: National Association of School Psychologists.

McKevitt, B. C., & Elliott, S.N. (2005). Observations and ratings of preschool children’s social behavior: Issues of representativeness and validity. Psychology in the Schools, 42, 13-26.

McKevitt, B. C. (2005). Creating a school-wide system of positive behavior support. NASP Communiqué, 33(6), 1-4 (special insert).

McKevitt, B. C., & Elliott, S. N. (2003). Effects and perceived consequences of using read-aloud and teacher-recommended testing accommodations on a reading achievement test. School Psychology Review, 32, 583-600.

Elliott, S. N., McKevitt, B. C., & DiPerna, J. C. (2002). Best practices in preschool social skills training. In A. Thomas & J. Grimes (Eds.), Best practices in school psychology IV (Vol. 2; pp. 1041-1056). Bethesda, MD: National Association of School Psychologists.

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Elliott, S. N., McKevitt, B. C., & Kettler, R. (2002). Testing accommodations research and decision-making: The case of “good” scores being highly valued but difficult to achieve for all students. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 35, 153-156.

McGivern, J. E., & McKevitt, B. C. (2002). Best practices working with students using assistive technology. In A. Thomas and J. Grimes (Eds.), Best practices in school psychology IV (Vol. 2; pp. 1537-1553). Bethesda, MD: National Association of School Psychologists.

Elliott, S. N., Kratochwill, T. R., & McKevitt, B. C. (2001). Experimental analysis of the effects of testing accommodations on the scores of students with and without disabilities. Journal of School Psychology, 39, 3-24.


Professional Affiliations

National Association of School Psychologists

Nebraska School Psychologists Association

Association for Positive Behavior Support