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Jonathan Bruce Santo


Department of Psychology

University of Nebraska at Omaha

347 ”S” Arts & Sciences Hall

6001 Dodge Street

Omaha , NE 68182

Phone: (402) 554-4056




Ph.D., Psychology (Research concentration), Concordia University (2009), Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Dissertation: Adolescent Self-Concept, Peer Relations and Context: An Ecological Systems Theory Approach.



Santo J.B., da Cunha, J., Recchia H., Martin-Storey A., Bukowski W.M., Lopez L.S. & Carmago, G. (in press). Measurement Invariance of Self-Continuity Strategies: Comparisons of Early Adolescents from Brazil, Canada, and Colombia. European Journal of Developmental Psychology (special section on instruments and procedures for developmental research).

Santo J.B., Bukowski W.M., Lopez L.S., Carmago, G., Mayman S.B. & Adams, R. E. (in press). Factors underlying contextual variations in the structure of the self: Differences related to SES, gender, culture and “majority/“non-majority” status during early adolescence. Journal of Research on Adolescence (special issue on adolescents in the majority world).

Adams, R.E., Santo J.B. & Bukowski W.M. (in press). The Presence of a Best Friend Buffers the Effects of Negative Experiences. Developmental Psychopathology.

Pullen, C. A., Yates, B. C., Santo J.B., Dizona, P.J., Boeckner, L., Hageman, P.A., Walker, S., N. (in press). Effects of a Wellness for Women Intervention on Healthy Eating Behavior in Midlife Rural Women. Social Science and Medicine.

Mustoe, A., Birnie, A. K., Korgan, A.C., Santo J.B., French, J. A. (in press). Natural variation in gestational cortisol is associated with patterns of growth in marmoset monkeys (Callithrix geoffroyi). General and Comparative Endocrinology.

Reiter-Palmon, R., Robinson, E., Kaufman, L & Santo J.B.(in press). Is Self Evaluation of Creativity a Useful Criterion? Creativity Research Journal.

Stone, T., Santo, J. B., & Wittich, W. (2012). Mediating and moderating effects on the association between vision loss and depression among older adults, Insight: Research and Practice in Visual Impairment and Blindness, 5(1), 30-37.

Alexander, M., Santo J.B., Cunha, J., Weber, L. & Russell, S.T. (2011). Effects of Homophobic Victimization vs. Non-homophobic Victimization on School Commitment and the Moderating effect of Teacher Attitudes. Journal of LGBT Youth, 8: 289-308.

Velásquez A.M., Santo J.B., Saldarriaga L.M., Lopez L.S., & Bukowski W.M. (2010) Context-Dependent Peer Victimization: Are physical and relational aggression tolerated differently in mixed-sex versus all-girl schools? Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 56(3): 283-302.

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Book Chapters

Saldarriaga L.M., Velásquez A.M., Santo J.B., Chaux E. & Bukowski W.M. (2009). School aggression in Colombia and El Salvador: Contextual variations in frequencies and effects. In Lisboa & Berger (eds). El Estudio de la Agresión en Latinoamérica (The study of Aggression in Latin-America.) Santiago: Editorial Universitaria: 85-108.  

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