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Department of Psychology

University of Nebraska-Omaha

Allwine Hall 419 'D'

6001 Dodge St .

Omaha , NE 68182

(402) 554-3580



Tulane University, New Orleands, LA (1967)  Doctor of Philosophy 

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA (1963-1967) Master of Science

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA (1959-1963) Bachelor of Science in Psychology



University of Nebraska at Omaha Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 2001-2008

University of Nebraska at Omaha Assoc. VC for Research 2000-2001

University of Nebraska at Omaha Dean for Graduate Studies 2000-2001

University of Nebraska Medical Center Professor: Psychiatry 1992-

University of Nebraska at Omaha Foundation Professor 1978-1984

Tulane University Visiting Professor: Psychology 1981

University of Nebraska at Omaha Professor: Psychology 1976-

University of Nebraska at Omaha Associate Professor: Psychology 1971-76

University of Nebraska at Omaha Assistant Professor: Psychology 1969-71

Newcomb College, Tulane University Assistant Professor: Psychology 1968-69

Tulane University Research Associate: Psychology 1967-68



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