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Click on the faculty members name above their photo to visit their website. Click on their e-mail address to contact them by e-mail. Emeritus Faculty are listed at the bottom of the page.

  • Click here for a list of our Courtesy/Adjunct department staff.

    Allen Joseph A. Allen, Ph.D.

    (Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 ‘I’


    Teaching: Personnel Psychology, Job Analysis and Performance Appraisal, Social Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Group Dynamics, Psychometrics

    Research: Non-profit Organizational Effectiveness and Volunteer Management, Emotion Management and Emotional Labor, Workplace Meetings and After-Action Reviews


    Jessiline Anderson, Ph.D.

    (School Psychology)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'F'

    (402) 554-4811

    Teaching: Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Clincial Psychology, Personality and Adjustment, Abnormal Psychology.

    Research: Suicide patterns among Native American reservation populations; anxiety, depression, and cortisol in Native American diabetic and non-diabetic patients; leadership styles of African American women in the clergy; and the emotional impact of identity theft on victims.


    Joseph Brown, Ph.D.

    (Graduate Program Chair / Cognitive Psychology)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'C'

    (402) 554-2313

    Teaching: Sensation and Perception, Cognition, Attention and Performance

    Research: Skilled performance, word recognition, handwriting


    Juan Casas, Ph.D.

    (Director Developmental Psychology Graduate Program)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'U'

    (402) 554-2548

    Teaching: Child Psychology, Social Development

    Research: Relational aggression and victimization, peer relationships, friendships

    Social Development Lab


    Michael Cortese, Ph.D.

    (Director Cognitive Psychology Graduate Program)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'D'

    (402) 554-2587

    Teaching: Cognitive Psychology, Methods of Psychological Inquiry

    Research: Word processing, memory, attention, and language throughout the life span and in those with distinct neuropsychological profiles.


    Jeffrey French, Ph.D.

    (Neuroscience & Behavior/Director Neuroscience Undergraduate Program)

    Contact Info: AH 418 'E'

    (402) 554-2558

    Teaching: Research Methods, Introductory Lab, Animal Behavior

    Research: Reproductive physiology and behavior, vocal communication in primates

    Callitrichid Research Center

    Endocrine Bioservices Laboratory


    Wayne Harrison, Ph.D.

    (Director Social / Personality Psychology Graduate Program)
    (Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'L'

    (402) 554-2452

    Teaching: Social and Industrial Psychology, Statistics

    Research: Workplace motivation, procedural justice, meaningful work and visionary leadership


    Lisa Kelly-Vance, Ph.D.

    (Director School Psychology Graduate Program)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'R'

    (402) 554-3563

    Teaching: Early Childhood Assessment, Psychology of Exceptional Children, Family Analysis and Treatment, Practicum in School Psychology, Internship

    Research: Primary areas include play assessment in early childhood and English Language Learners. Other research interests include development of reading skills, family involvement, curriculum based measurement, curriculum based evaluation, phonological awareness, multiage classrooms, and English language learners.


    Brian McKevitt, Ph.D.

    (School Psychology)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'Q'

    (402) 554-2498

    Teaching: Educational Psychology, Introductory School Psychology, Behavior Analysis and Intervention, School-age Assessment, Advanced Educational and Psychological Consultation

    Research: School-wide positive behavior support, social skills, testing accommodations and accountability testing, assessment issues


    Roni Reiter-Palmon, Ph.D.

    (Director Industrial/Organizational Graduate Program)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'K'

    (402) 554-4810

    Teaching: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Life-Span Development, Leadership, Statistics, Research Methods

    Research: Individual differences, biographical data, leadership, creativity, problem-solving


    Brigette Ryalls, Ph.D.

    (Department Chair / Developmental Psychology)

    Contact Info: ASH 345'

    (402) 554-2331

    Teaching: Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology

    Research: Cognition and language development in early childhood, play assessment, dynamic systems theory


    Carey S. Ryan, Ph.D.

    (Social/Personality Psychology)
    (Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'E'

    (402) 554-2466

    Teaching: Statistics, Research Methods, Program Evaluation, Social Psychology

    Research: Diversity issues, stereotyping and prejudice, group processes and intergroup relations


    Jonathan Santo, Ph.D.

    (Developmental Psychology)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'S'

    (402) 554-4056

    Teaching: Adolescent Development, Statistics, Cross-Cultural Psychology

    Research: Adolescent identity development, Moderators of the depressive effects of peer victimization, Cross-cultural differences in peer relations


    Lisa Scherer, Ph.D.

    (Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'J'

    (402) 554-2698

    Teaching: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Training and Organizational Development, Research Methods, Problem-Solving, Decision-Making, Human Factors, Abnormal Psychology

    Research: Problem solving & decision making, work-life balance, darkside behaviors in organizations, positive psychology & organizational spirituality, mood & emotion influences and volunteering

    Click here for Dr. Scherer's website


    Suzanne Sollars, Ph.D.

    (Neuroscience & Behavior)

    Contact Info: AH 418 'C'

    (402) 554-3981

    Teaching: Behavioral Neuroscience

    Research: Sensory neurophysiology, gustatory system

    Behavioral Neuroscience: Sensory System Neurophysiology and Anatomy


    Rosemary Strasser, Ph.D.

    (Director Neuroscience & Behavior Graduate Program)

    Contact Info: AH 418 'B'

    (402) 554-2705

    Teaching: Introductory Psychology, Research Methods, Learning, Animal Behavior, Hormones and Behavior

    Research: Behavioral neuroendocrinology, comparative cognition, animal learning


    James Thomas, Ph.D.

    (Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'M'

    (402) 554-2580

    Teaching: Introductory Psychology, Industrial and Social Psychology

    Research: Performance appraisal, sports psychology, attitudes and attitude change


    Weaver Adam Weaver, Ph.D.

    (School Psychology)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'T'

    (402) 554-3848

    Teaching: Psychological & Educational Testing, Foundations of Psychological Assessment, Behavior Analysis & Interventions, Psychotherapeutic Interventions, Family Analysis & Treatment.

    Research: Functional Behavior Assessment, experimental analysis of behavior in school settings, behavioral consultation


    Robert Woody, Ph.D, ScD, JD

    (Forensic/Law Psychology)

    Contact Info: ASH 347 'P'

    (402) 554-4813


    Teaching : Law & Psychology. Forensic Psychology, Social Psychology, History of Psychology

    Research : Risk management, detecting  & preventing violence, Psychology of Music, and various legal topics relevant to psychology


    Emeritus Faculty



    Kenneth Deffenbacher Ph.D.




    Shelton Hendricks, Ph.D.





    Joseph LaVoie, Ph.D.



    Deana Liddy, Ph.D.

    Raymond Millimet, Ph.D.