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Developmental Psychology Ph.D. Program

All students must complete at least 90 hours, including:

Bold = Regularly Offered Courses


15 hours of required coursework in developmental

9560: Developmental Proseminar (3 credits)

9550: Psychosocial Development (3 credits)

9500: Socioemotional Development (3 credits)

9530: Cognitive Development (3 credits)


8900: Central Topics (3 credits):

  • Readings

  • Presentation

  • Review Paper

At least 12 hours of additional coursework in developmental

9070: Cognitive Psychology

9230: Behavioral Neuroscience

9430: Personality Psychology

9440: Social Psychology

9520: Language Development

9540: Memory and Mechanisms of Development

9590: Seminar in Developmental Psychology

9040: Learning (in conjunction with MMI)

8446: Abnormal

8526: Psycholinguistics

9210: Perception

9290: Developmental Psychobiology

9460: Aging and Human Behavior

9600: Developmental Psychopathology


At least 12 hours of coursework in methods, design and evaluation

Required Courses:

9650: Research Methods


Eligible Courses:

9510: Research Methods in Developmental Psychology

8316:Psychological and Educational Testing

8520: Foundations of Assessment

9320: Program Evaluation

9090: Psychometric Theory

8416: Qualitative Methods (through Sociology/Anthropology)


At least 12 hours of coursework in statistical analysis

Required Courses:

9010: Multiple Regression

9020: Analysis of Variance


Eligible Courses:

8140: Nonparametric Statistics

9120: Multivariate Statistical Analysis

8356: Structural Equation Modeling (through Gerontology)

9910 : Multi-level modeling


At least 6 hours of coursework in human diversity

8590: Psychology of Exceptional Children

(Eventually) Cross-cultural development


Students will also find eligible courses in (among other disciplines)

Family and Consumer Sciences



Latino/Latin American Studies


At least 12 hours of elective coursework


At least 21 hours of coursework in empirical research

8990 : Thesis Research (at least 6 hours)

9960 : Research Other Than Thesis/Dissertation (at least 3 hours)

9990 : Doctoral Dissertation Research (at least 12 hours)


Every student must complete a two-part qualifying exam consisting of:

1: Psychology readings including a written and oral examination across domains

2A: Grant Proposal OR

2B: Course Development (child development, adolescent development or lifespan development)


In addition: Each student is expected to demonstrate proficiency with at least one research tool.




Students must appoint a supervisory committee and file a program of study prior to accumulating 45 credit hours.

Students have 8 years to complete the Ph.D. from the time of filing a program of study.