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Cognitive Psychology


The deadline for completed applications for the

Cognitive Psychology Graduate Programs is January 5th.


If you want to apply for the MA with a concentration in Cognitive Psychology ,

you will apply using the Master's application form:


The graduate faculty in Cognitive Psychology offer an area of specialization within the department's M.A. program. Faculty members have expertise in the areas of memory, concept formation, problem solving, decision making, language processing, skilled performance, and visual and auditory perception. Students completing this program should have a very strong foundation for work as research associates in university and government laboratories and as applied cognitive/human factors psychologists in business and industry. Graduates of this program would also be very competitive for admission to doctoral programs in cognitive psychology, where the career goal is college teaching and research or a higher entry-level position as a researcher in industry or government.


Admission Criteria

Minimum criteria for admission to the M.A. program in cognitive psychology are a score of 8.00 on the department's admission index and satisfactory letters of recommendation from at least two undergraduate psychology professors. The closer an applicant's score is to 8.00, the stronger the letters of recommendation must be and/or the greater his or her aptitude for research must be. As this degree places a strong emphasis on research, applicants should make certain to document their research aptitude as part of their application packet.



Graduate students in cognitive psychology are required to take 6 proseminars:

9210 Perception

9230 Behavioral Neuroscience

9070 Cognitive Psychology

9560 Developmental Psychology

9010 Statistical Methods I

9020 Statistical Methods II

In addition to these 18 hours, at least two of the following courses must be taken as part of the 30 hours required for the M.A.:

8526 Psycholinguistics

8000 The Profession of Psychology

9530 Cognitive Development

9520 Language Development

9040 Proseminar: Learning

9910 Topical Seminar (cognitive topic)

9120 Multivariate Statistical Analysis