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I-O Psychology Graduate Students



Aaron Brown is pursuing a Master’s in I/O Psychology with the goal of employment as a training/development professional. He is from Omaha, NE.



Santo J.B.,  Brown, A., Meyer F.A., &

Bukowski W.M. ( July 2010 ). An

Examination of Adolescent’s Positive

Emotions During the First Two Weeks of

Secondary School: Effects of Positive

Expectations of School and Social

Competence. Presented at the 21 st

biennial meeting of the International

Society for the Study of Behavioural

Development, Lusaka, Zambia.

Andy Callen is pursuing a PhD in Industrial/Organizational psychology with the goal of teaching psychology and business courses at a regional university. He is originally from Tucumcari, NM.



Callens, A.M., Atichson, T.B., & Engler, R.E. (2009) Increased Specificity of WAIS-III Matrix Reasoning Test Instructions and Time Limits. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 29, 94-98.

Read, A. Callens, A.M., Nguyen, C. D. & De Vreede, G.J., (2011, August). Generating User Stories in Groups with Prompts. Paper presented at the national conference of the Americas Conference on Information Systems, Detroit, MI.

Callens, A.M., Nguyen, C.D., Read, A., De Vreede, G.J., & Gallagher, E. (2010, November). Don’t blame the software: The importance of instructions in user requirements generation. Poster presented at the national conference of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, St. Louis, MO.

Callens, A.M., & Scherer. L.L. (2010, November). Rules for others but not for me: Mood and judgment criteria in the evaluation of self-generated & other-generated solutions. Poster presented at the national conference of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, St. Louis, MO.

Atchison, T., Engler, R.E., & Callens, A.M. (2007, February). Factor Analysis of the Ward Seven-subtest short form of the WAIS-III. Poster presented at the annual convention of the International Neuropsychological Society, Portland, OR.


Benedict J. Fern is from Pensacola, FL and attended the University of West Florida as an undergrad. He is pursuing a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology with the goal of employment in an applied research laboratory.


Elizabeth (Mullen) Harp is fromRockford, IL. She earned her BA in Psychology and Peace Studies from University of Notre Dame. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in I/O Psychology with a desire to work in consulting.



Prister, A., Narvaez, D., Bettonville, B., Mrkva, K., Mullen, E., & Delgado, K. (October, 2011). The Crying Baby: Moral Identity Influences Moral Perception. Association for Moral Education annual meeting, Nanjing, China.  Best Poster Award*

Mrkva, K., Narvaez, D., Bettonville, B., Mullen, E., Prister, A., & Delgado, K. (May, 2011).  Altruistic Behavior: Engagement, Empathy and the Scrooge Effect. Presentation at the University of Notre Dame Undergraduate Scholars Conference, Notre Dame, IN.

Present research: The influence of person-organization fit and empathy on volunteer burnout


Cheryl Fernandez is from Mumbai, India. She is pursuing a PhD in I/O psychology. Her practical experiences include working at the following: UNO, HDR, UP, Gallup.




Christine Quick is from Grand Island, Nebraska and earned her Bachelors of Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She is currently pursuing a Masters/PhD in I-O Psychology. Upon graduation, her goal of employment is to gain a position in analytics.



2011 – Scherer, L., Quick, C., Weddington, S. (2011, November) Affect and decision making in the work-family domain: A proposed extension of the Affect Infusion Model .

P ost er p res ent ed at the n ation al con fe r en ce of the So ci e ty f or Jud gm ent a nd D ecision M akin g, Seattle, WA.


Eric Faurote is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He graduated from Iowa State University (Undergrad) and University of Northern Iowa (Masters). He is pursuing a doctorate in I-O psychology with the goal of obtaining employment as a corporate wellness consultant.



Scherer, L., Faurote, E., Magley, V., & Kath, L. (2012, April). The emerging field of employee wellness: An I/O perspective. Panel to be presented at the 27 th Annual Conference of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, San Diego, California

Faurote, E. J., Scherer, L. L., & Johnson, D. J. (2011, May). Work-school conflict and job satisfaction: The buffering effects of physical activity. Paper presented at the 9 th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health, Orlando, Florida

Faurote, E. J., & Scherer, L. L. (2010, February). Practical solutions for the working college student. Paper presented at the Inaugural Deffenbaucher research conference, Omaha, Nebraska (won an outstanding presenter’s award)

Faurote, E. J., Scherer, L. L., Gallagher, E. C., & Newman, C. R. (2009, November). The mediating effect of flexibility on work-school conflict and quality of sleep in working college students. Paper presented at the Eighth International Conference on Occupational Stress, and Health, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Newman, C. R., Faurote, E. J., & Scherer, L. L. (2009, April) The effects of work-school conflict on life stress and sleep quality: The moderating role of workplace social support. Poster presented at the Annual Convention of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, Illinois

Faurote, E. J., & Scherer, L. L. (2009, April). Work-school conflict and job satisfaction in young workers: Both quantity and quality matter. Paper presented at the 24 th Annual Conference of the Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology, New Orleans, Louisiana

Gallagher, E. C., Faurote, E. J., & Titman, B. (2009, February). The use of facilitation and group support systems (GSS) in labor-management contract negotiations. Paper presented at the 2 nd Annual Conference for Advances in Collaboration Science Researcher, Omaha, Nebraska

Heather Tice is from Overland Park, Kansas and earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Kansas in 2012. She is pursuing a Masters in I-O Psychology and would like to obtain a position as an HR professional in a national corporation upon graduating.



Heather has worked in two social psychology labs while completing her undergraduate degree. She worked on a project questioning the relationship between nostalgia and growth-related behaviors. She also worked on various projects assessing the similarity of political attitudes between friends and family. Another project she helped out with was studying prejudicial attitudes towards unknown ethnic groups. Her research interests in graduate school include group dynamics and teams, leadership style, and work-life balance.


Rose T. Green is from Denver, CO. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with an Industrial-Organizational Concentration from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO

She is currently pursuing a MA/PhD degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with the goal of an academic career.



Rose has participated in the following research activities at CSU. The first study looked at e mployee engagement and customer service expectations. The second study looked at c omparison of three popular measures of supervisor trust and examined whether these three measures are distinct. Rose has also worked on a consulting project with the CSU Industrial/Organizational doctoral students by analyzing and providing feedback on cognitive ability items.


Stephanie L. (Coufal) Mueller is from Brainard, Nebraska, and attended Creighton University. She is pursuing a Masters in I-O Psychology with the goal of employment as an HR professional.



Allen, J. A., Sands, S., Mueller, S., Frear, K., Mudd, M., & Rogelberg, S. G. (2012). Employees’ feelings about more meetings: An overt analysis and recommendations for improving meetings.   Management Research Review , 35, 405-418.

Allen, J. A., & Mueller, S. (in press, 2012). The revolving door: A closer look at major factors in volunteers’ intention to quit.   Journal of Community Psychology .

Psychology Undergraduate Students


Cierra M. Johnson is from Omaha, Nebraska and an undergraduate at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  She is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with the goal of employment as a Clinical Counselor after pursing my Master in Counseling.



Hanna Schleu is from Omaha, NE. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Psychology with the goal of getting into graduate school.



Hanna has been involved in Dr. Lisa Scherer’s research group for over a year now. She was involved in the ACME 3 project, collecting data from subjects and helping to enter it into the computer. She is now starting her own research project through FUSE on work- school conflict.



Justin Barnes is from Valley, Nebraska. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Psychology. His goal is to continue into a graduate program.


Justin is a member of Industrial-Organizational Research Group. He has assisted in data collection for ACME research and completed independent research on caffeine and aggression for the 2012 University of Nebraska Omaha Research Fair.



Kelli Hatzenbuehler is a psychology major and will graduate in December. She is researching connections between Military suicides and spirituality, number of overseas deployments, and family/military support systems. Kelli is currently in the Nebraska Army National Guard and celebrated her 15 year anniversary in the military this spring.



Luwam Goitom Gebreslase is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Psychology with the goal of continuing to receive my PhD in clinical psychology and possibly a JD. Luwam was the lead assistant with the ACME project.



Sheridan Trent is from Omaha, Nebraska. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology and hoping to get into graduate school.



Industrial Organizational Research Group – Dr. Lisa Scherer (Jan 2012 – Current)

Assisted with data entry, data gathering, survey entry, and copying of articles for health promotion research project, attended large group meetings, completed CITI training.


Callitrichid Research Center (Summer 2012)

Volunteer Work - Participated in Enrichment including building toys for primates and viewing primate reactions to toys to determine what was liked and disliked.





Shawn Paillot is from Bellevue, Nebraska

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Spring 2012) and continued work in Dr. Scherer’s lab to enhance vita and chances for admittance to UNO’s Master’s Program in School Psychology. He also assisted with the ACME project (data collection, data entry, lab management and organization, scheduling, new researcher training).




Manuel Cook is currently attending the Omaha, Nebraska University of Omaha. He is pursuing a Bachelors in Psychology with the goal of being accepted into graduate school.