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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long will it take to complete the program at UNO?

The ABA Master of Arts (M.A.) program requires a total of 36 credit hours, typically lasting approximately two years, full time..


2. What are the prerequisites for applying to the ABA program at UNO?

All Graduate College and Departmental admission requirements are prerequisite for admission to the M.A. in Psychology, with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis, Training Program. A minimum of 15 undergraduate semester hours or the equivalent of psychology courses including basic statistics and an upper level laboratory course emphasizing the experimental method, data collection, statistical analysis, and report writing are required. For example, classes offered at UNO that would fulfill this requirement include laboratory research in Cognitive Psychology (PSYC-4074), Sensation and Perception (PSYC-4214), Behavioral Neuroscience (PSYC-4234), Animal Behavior (PSYC- 4280), and Learning (PSYC- 4024).

The Departmental Application Form requires a statement of purpose and an indication of the program and, where appropriate, the area of concentration within the program to which the applicant is applying.

The following information is required for every individual applying to the ABA program:

          ·Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
          ·Undergraduate and Graduate (if applicable) grade point average (GPA)
          ·Letters of Recommendation
          ·Statement of purpose
          ·Senior authored writing sample
          ·UNO application form. Apply at:

 3. What can I do with my degree from UNO?

This degree fulfills course and practicum requirements allowing students to sit for the BCBA exam, as well as qualifying students to pursue LMHP certification (provided they have accrued 3,000 additional supervised hours).


4. What experience do I gain in the practicum at UNO?

Students will gain applied experience through the completion of 750 laboratory hours, which can be earned in several settings including the Autism Program at the Monroe Meyer Institute (UNMC) as well as outpatient experience opportunities through a BCBA certified supervisor.

5. What GPA/GRE scores do I need to get in?

UNO admission policy does not require a specific GPA or GRE scores. The test results may take several months for UNO to receive and then send on to the Psychology Department after the test date.


6. How many semester hours does a full time graduate student in the ABA program take?

Full time for a graduate student is 9 hours (3 classes) per semester. Some semesters in the program will be 9 hours, others may be 12 hours. Nine hours may sound easy but keep in mind that graduate classes are designed to be more intensive than undergraduate classes.


7. When do I apply?

Completed applications for the ABA M.A. program are due January 5.


8. What kind of jobs should I be working at as an undergrad to get relevant experience?

Any position in the mental health or behavior analyst field will be beneficial. Some positions that previous students have held include: behavioral therapist for a child with autism, residential treatment center employee, hospital employee (working with children or on the psychology floor), daycare or respite care worker, summer camp counselor, volunteer for organizations such as Special Olympics, etc.


9. How many hours should I work while in the program full time?

It is recommended that you work no more than 20 hours per week during any semester in your graduate school career. There are some opportunities for Teaching Assistantships (TA) for graduate students. If a TA position is not available, a part-time job with flexible hours is recommended. TA positions are generally 20-hour a week positions and with a tuition waiver, excluding fees. Once UNO receives your General GRE scores and sends them to the Psychology department, you will be eligible for an assistantship. Keep in mind these test scores may take a few months to reach the UNO Psychology Department. To see the deadlines for applying for Psychology Department positions, see the Graduate Teaching Assistantship information through the Graduate College. However, Graduate Assistant (GA) positions are also available at UNO outside the Psychology Department; most of these include a tuition waiver. In order to apply for these positions, go to the UNO Human Resources web page to view available positions and online application procedures.


10. If I have not been admitted to the program or if I am waiting to apply, can I start taking classes early?

No. Only students admitted to the program are permitted to take ABA courses. This is to ensure personal attention and small class sizes to those who are in the program. While you are waiting to start the program, undergraduate courses such as upper level laboratory classes (see number 3), statistics courses, and developmental psychology courses are helpful.


11. Where can I learn more about Applied Behavior Analysis and/or BCBA?

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) is our professional organization. Resources and information are available at

Additionally, prospective students may visit the website of the Association for Behavior Analysis International at

Anyone interested in learning more about UNO's ABA program is encouraged to visit our department in the Arts & Sciences Hall.



If you are interested in the ABA program at UNO and wish to contact a student currently studying in the program, email program director Lisa Kelly-Vance at