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ABA Faculty

UNO Faculty

Dr. Lisa Kelly-Vance, Program Director

Ph.D. Indiana University

Dr. Kelly-Vance has provided school psychology services to districts in Indiana, Michigan, and Iowa. Prior to coming to UNO in 1995, she worked for Area Education Agency 13 in Council Bluffs, IA. There, she worked with children who ranged in age from Birth to 21. She also served as the Lead Psychologist and the President of the Iowa School Psychologists’ Association. Dr. Kelly-Vance is certified as a School Psychologist in Iowa.

Courses taught: Early Childhood Assessment, Psychology of Exceptional Children, Family Analysis and Treatment, Practicum in School Psychology, Internship, Advanced Educational and Psychological Consultation


Dr. Brian McKevitt

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. McKevitt served as a school psychologist in Heartland Area Education Agency 11 Iowa for six years before coming to UNO. There, he provided the full spectrum of school psychology services for children in grades kindergarten through eighth, supervised school psychology practicum students and interns, and coordinated the implementation of school-wide positive behavior support in over 30 schools in central Iowa. Dr. McKevitt also has taught educational psychology and educational research courses at Iowa State University and Drake University. He is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, a certified School Psychologist in Iowa and Nebraska and is a member of NASP, the Nebraska Association of School Psychologists (NSPA) and the Iowa School Psychologists Association (ISPA).

Courses taught: Introduction to School Psychology, Behavior Analysis and Intervention, School Age Assessment, Advanced Educational and Psychological Consultation, Educational Psychology


Dr. Adam Weaver

Ph.D. Mississippi State University

Dr. Weaver completed his undergraduate degree in history at Mississippi State University and earned MS and PhD degrees in School Psychology from Mississippi State University. He is a certified school psychologist in Iowa and worked as a school psychologist for Green Hills Area Education Agency for nine years before coming to UNO in 2013. In this role, Dr. Weaver worked in several rural school districts in southwest Iowa, served on several agency level committees, and supervised practicum students. Dr. Weaver has served as a challenging behavior consultant and met requirements for advanced level training in functional analysis from the Iowa Department of Education and the Center for Disabilities and Development at the University of Iowa.

Courses taught: Behavior Analysis and Intervention, Foundations of Assessment, Psychological and Educational Testing, Psychotherapeutic Interventions


MMI Faculty

Dr. Keith D. Allen

Ph.D. West Virginia University, BCBA

Clinical and research interests in pediatric pain pamangement, health-related behavior in children, parent training, stress-related disorders, autism, child management during invasive medical and dental procedures. Publications include articles in Journal of Appllied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Therapy, Headache, Pediatric Dentistry, Child and Family Behavior Therapy.

Courses taught: Applied Behavior Analysis and Intervention, Practicum supervision, Thesis supervision

Dr. Joseph H. Evans, Director of MMI Psychology

Ph.D. University of Kansas-Lawrence

Clinical and research interests in integrated behavioral health in primary care, rural pediatric behavioral health, dissemination research, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, adolescent behavior. Publications include articles in: Journal of Rural Mental Health, Pediatrics, Families Systems and Health, Child and Family Behavior Therapy.

Courses taught: Psychotherapeutic Interventions

Dr. Brett R. Kuhn

Ph.D. Oklahoma State University, C.BSM

Clinical and research interests in sleep disorders, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), elimination disorders, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Publications include articles in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, Psychological Bulletin, Child & Family Behavior Therapy, Sleep, and Clinical Pediatrics.

Courses taught: Psychotherapeutic Interventions

Dr. Blake Lancaster

Ph.D. Western Michigan University

Clinical and research interests in common behavioral difficulties in children, parent training, pain and anxiety related disorders in children, disruptive behavior disorders including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder, autism spectrum disorders, children or adolescents with behavioral or development disabilities, adolescent and childhood depression, school problems, elimination disorders, and medical treatment adherence (e.g., diabetes treatment adherence). Publications include articles in Journal of Appllied Behavior Analysis, and Southern Medical Journal.

Courses taught: Applied Behavior Analysis

Dr. Judy Matthews

Ph.D. University of Kansas, BCBA

Clinical and research interests in medical adherence, chronic illness, feeding disorders, anxiety disorders, transitional problems (including adoption and foster care), adolescent females, primary care, and international public health. Publications include articles in Journal of Appllied Behavior Analysis, Pediatrics, Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

Courses taught: Practicum supervision, thesis supervision

Dr. Mark D. Shriver

Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Clinical and research interests in academic and behavioral assessment for children with disabilities and school related problems, parent training, child noncompliance. Publications include articles in School Psych Review, Journal of Evidence Based Practices for Schools, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Therapy.

Courses taught: Master's practicum in school psychology, ABA practicum coordination, thesis supervision

Dr. William Warzak

Ph.D. Georgia State University, BCBA

Clinical and research interests in pediatric neuropsychology, diabetes, elimination disorders, feeding and swallowing disorders, pedatric rehabilitation, social skills training. Publications include articles in Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Children's Health Care, Pediatrics.

Courses taught: Small n Research Designs, practicum supervision, thesis supervision