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ABA Curriculum


Required Coursework
PSYC 8000: The Profession of Psychology (no credit)
PSYC 9040: Proseminar: Learning  (3 credits)*
PSYC 9230: Proseminar: Behavioral Neuroscience  (3 credits)
PSYC 9560: Proseminar: Developmental Psychology (3 credits)**
PSYC 9010: Proseminar: Statistical Methods I OR (3 credits)**
PSYC 9020: Proseminar: Statistical Methods II (3 credits)
PSYC 8520: Foundations of Assessment (3 credits)**
PSYC 8550: Psychotherapeutic Interventions (3 credits)* **
PSYC 8576: Behavior Analysis and Intervention (3 credits)* **
PSYC 8700: Ethics and Law for Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credits)* **
PSYC 9570 Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credits)* **
PSYC 9100 Small n Research Designs (3 credits)*
PSYC 9574 Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis (6 credits, 750 hours)* **

*BACB Required,**LMHP Required

Total Credit Hours Required: 36

Comprehensive Exam: Students will select one case from their Practicum and make a formal presentation to faculty and fellow students. Faculty will evaluate the presentation content and give feedback to the student. A pass/fail grade will be assigned.