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UNO Pre-Law


Political Science is an excellent major for students planning to go to law school. Law schools seek applicants with strong analytical skills, students who are able to read, understand, and discern the strengths and weaknesses in complex arguments. Political Science students develop these skills by studying theories about how politics works and the ongoing arguments about what ends it should pursue. Moreover, law schools want applicants with good writing skills. Scholarly writing is a key component of many of the Political Science Department's upper level classes, which therefore foster this law-related ability as well.

"My UNO Political Science degree has been instrumental in both law school and in my legal practice to understand the forces that shape and change the law. That understanding enhances my ability to advise and represent my client and to advance its mission of service to customers and in the communities we operate in."
-- Lou Anne Rinn, 
Associate General Counsel, Union Pacific Railroad

In addition, the undergraduate curriculum of UNO's Political Science Department offers students a number of opportunities to study American law and the American legal system. These courses include:

The Judicial Process
Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties
Constitutional Law: The Federal System
Constitutional Law: Civil Rights
Law and Politics
Two Mock Trial courses

The Department also offers interested students to use such courses to earn a Concentration in Law and the Courts.

The Political Science Department also sponsors a chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, a nationally recognized law and pre-law fraternity.  Our PAD chapter also helps UNO pre-law students to develop the skills they will need to succeed in law school and beyond. UNO pre-law students also have the opportunity to participate in the Mock Trial team.

The Department's pre-law advisor is Dr. Carson Holloway,