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department news for the 2005 - 2006 academic year

The May 8-24, 2006, British Study Tour was both educational and fun!


2006 Honors Luncheon: Dr. Loree Bykerk and student Alyson Westby


Dr. Adkins' "The Presidency" class field trip to the Truman Library, April 2006


Pi Gamma Mu Induction, April 3, 2006


Dr. Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado with Fidel Castro, March 4, 2006


Dr. Loree Bykerk, Dr. Jody Neathery-Castro, the Mayor's Chief of Staff Paul Landrow, Mayor Mike Fahey at the Mayor's State of the City Address held at UNO, January 2006


Drs. Randy Adkins and Greg Petrow at Pizza & Politics, January 2006


Student, Edwin Schafer, and Dr. Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado, Pizza & Politics, January 2006


Sarah Labedz, winner of Menard Scholarship, with Darlene and Orville Menard

Student Sarah Labedz is the first recipient of the Darlene & Orville D. Menard Scholarship. The scholarship was established by the University of Nebraska Foundation in 1999 to honor retiring Professor Orville D. Menard.  Dr. Menard, the recipient of UNO’s Outstanding Teacher Award in 1971 and the Chancellor's Medal in 1988, agreed to lend his and his wife’s names to a scholarship to be awarded to a political science major entering the senior class.  The award is based on students’ achievements in the classroom and the community.

Ms. Labedz, seen here accepting the scholarship from the Menards, was chosen by the faculty of the Department of Political Science from among five nominees.   She entered UNO in with a major in Pre-Interior Design but changed her major to political science in  2002.  She has consistently been on the Chancellor's List and Dean's List.  Members of the department chose Ms. Labedz as a student who stood out in their classes.  She  recently completed an internship with U.S. Senator Ben Nelson.


August 21, 2005, Dr. Petrow joins Faculty. Dr. Greg Petrow joins the University of Nebraska at Omaha Political Science faculty this semester, taking on many of the courses previously taught by Dr. Johnson.  He is originally from California, where he attended high school in Sacramento and graduated from college at the University of California at Berkeley.  He is the product of a farm machinery salesman and a clinical psychologist.  When you mix the two you get a political scientist – who knew?!

He lived for a year in Washington DC, working for the polling firm Peter Hart Research and the economic consulting firm The Brattle Group.  The private sector was not for him, however, and he moved to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, earning a doctorate in Political Science.

Dr. Petrow enjoys reading and exercising in his spare time.  He especially enjoys spending time with his family.  This includes his wife, as well as his four year old son and 3 month old daughter.  He is happy to be living in Omaha, which ends up combining affordable homes with occasional summer days in the 70s.  He looks forward to enjoying summer brunches at McFosters