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Dr. Jody L Neathery-Castro
Associate Professor - Graduate Program Chair

Political Science
Arts & Science Hall, 275-G
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Tel: (402) 554-3611
Fax: (402) 554-4860

Fall 2014 Office Hours: Tuesdays: 9am-11:30am, Wednesdays: 9:30am-12pm and 2pm-3pm and by appointment.

Dr. Neathery-Castro joined the Political Science Department in 1998 with specializations in West European politics, decentralization, and subnational politics. Her recent work has explored Quebec and Canadian politics. She is also a faculty member in the Women's Studies and International Studies programs. Her bachelor's degree is from Texas Christian University and her Masters and PhD degrees are from Rice University.

College of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Service Award, 2011

College of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award, 2007

Omicron Delta Kappa member, 2007

UNO Excellence in Teaching Award, 2007

Outstanding Faculty in Service Learning Award, 2001




Courses Taught:

PSCI 1000 Introduction to Political Science
PSCI 2500 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PSCI 3230/8235 Gender and Global Politics
PSCI 3500 Politics in Western Europe
PSCI 4500/8526 Government and Politics of Great Britain
PSCI 4520/8526 Politics in France
PSCI 4920/8926 Advanced Topics in Political Science: Politics and Film
PSCI 4950 Senior Seminar in Political Science
PSCI 8250 Seminar in Global Politics
WMST 2010 Introduction to Women's Studies

Current Research:
Dr. Neathery-Castro's research has focused on French politics, the politics and economics of culture and how governments respond to cultural politics and the role of France and the French language in the world, particularly in the international organization, la Francophonie. Her recent articles have appeared in Social Science Quarterly, Qu├ębec Studies and The French Review. Dr. Neathery-Castro is also interested in the scholarship of teaching and has published in Academic Exchange Quarterly and Metropolitan Universities. Her recent work assesses the use of service-learning in international issues learning and promotes civic engagement, particularly in first-year courses.

Dr. Neathery-Castro being awarded the 2007 Excellence in Teaching Award by Dr. Sheri Rogers, Acting Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs.