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Dr. Paul Mark Landow
Assistant Professor - Internship Coordinator

Political Science
Arts & Science Hall, 275-B
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Tel: (402) 554-2048
Fax: (402) 554-4860

Fall 2014 Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am - 11am and by appointment.

Courses Taught:

PSCI 1100 Introduction to American National Government
PSCI 2120 Civic Leadership
PSCI 3010/8015 Urban Politics
PSCI 3040/8045 Government and Politics of Nebraska
PSCI 3050/8055 State Government and Politics
PSCI 3160/8165 Political Parties
PSCI 4040 /8046 Legislative Process
PSCI 4910 Government Internship
PSCI 8040 Seminar in American Government & Politics
PSCI 8910 Political Internship

Dr. Landow holds a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska and concentrates his teaching and research on the politics of Omaha and Nebraska. He has worked at every level of government, including as executive director of a state political party, as an aide to a Member of Congress, and from 2001-08 as Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Omaha.

Dr. Landow serves as the internship coordinator for the Political Science department and is the director of the Nebraska Civic Leadership Program, a summer institute for high school seniors.

Current Research:

Dr. Landow's research interest is the relationship between political actors and policy outcomes at the local level. His research centers on urban issues, focusing on the use of private contributions to construct public projects and accountability issues surrounding public authorities. He is currently working on the connections between municipal unions, city government and elected officials.