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Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence

Welcome to the web site of University of Nebraska Omaha’s Intelligence Community (IC) Centers of Academic Excellence Program. We refer to the program as the “IC Scholars” Program. This is a career and professional development program, under the auspices of the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), to assist students pursuing national security and intelligence positions in government, academia and in the private sector. The UNO IC Scholars program offers students from diverse academic programs with opportunities for coursework, research, travel study, conferences, seminars and site visits to Washington, D.C. This includes workshops on intelligence analysis, intelligence simulations, meetings with top U.S. government officials and diplomats, leading subject area experts, as well as, unique opportunities to interact with like-interested students from across the United States.

There are less than two dozen institutions affiliated with the IC Centers of Academic Excellence Program nationally, and UNO is a member of the Great Plains National Security Education Program (GPNSEC), consisting of the University of Nebraska Lincoln, Creighton University, Bellevue University, the College of Menominee (WI), as well as UNO.

Interested students should apply via the link to the GPNSEC website and following the instructions for applying to the program. Applicants should possess a GPA of no less than 3.5, be a U.S. citizen, possess high moral character, and possess a true interest in public service at the highest level. We welcome applications from students from all academic disciplines and are especially interested in applications from women and other under-represented groups.

Very respectfully,

Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado

Director, UNO IC Scholars Program and

Professor of Political Science


About the "IC Scholars" Program at UNO

The IC Scholar program is a Career Mentoring Program meant to augment your current academic activities with a focus on Intelligence. You are already doing research, studying abroad, and taking advantage of lectures and speeches on campus; as an IC Scholar you will be able to focus your energy in the direction of a career in Intelligence.

CAEs were established by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in 2004. Their goal is to produce high achieving individuals who become part of a 21st century workforce aligned with the National Intelligence Strategy of the United States, the IC 5 Year Strategic Human Capitol Plan and Vision 2015: A Globally Networked and Integrated Intelligence Enterprise. IC Associate Scholars come from all majors and interest areas, as the Intelligence Community seeks to diversify an increasing globalized world.


IC Scholars with Dr. Benjamin-Alvarado in Washington, D.C.


IC Associate Scholars attend seminars on analytic thinking, writing, and briefing. They participate in intelligence simulations, as well as conduct research in IC-relevant areas. Members study abroad and acquire a critical language. Others intern within the IC. Members will have opportunities to tour IC buildings, network with current IC professionals, and compete for study abroad scholarships. To view past events or upcoming events click the corresponding link:






Interested in joining or want more information? Contact Dr. Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado, Professor of Political Science, visit the regional website, or visit the national IC CAE website: 


IC Scholars IC Scholars

Dr. Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado
UNO Program Director
ASH 208
PH: 402.554.4859