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Graduate Program


The Capstone project applies to those of you pursuing the non-thesis option, and is designed as your final experience before graduating from the program. To fulfill this requirement, you need to complete one of the following three courses:

  • PSCI 8910, Political Internship.
    Many of us find ourselves here because we love the practice of politics, and there is no better way to learn more about politics than by doing it! For a semester you complete a political internship, such as in a Congressperson’s office, or the Mayor’s office, or a political campaign – the options are many. During the course of the internship you reflect on your experience through writings, and also use the writings to analyze what political science might have to say about how politics operates.

  • PSCI 8980, Research Tutorial.
    You are encouraged to find a faculty mentor and work on a research project. We allow a great degree of flexibility in terms of the project. You can assist one of our faculty members on their own research. Alternatively, you can work on your own original research, with guidance and oversight from one of our faculty mentors. The research tutorial allows you to work on research, or pursue your own guided research, without having to complete a more cumbersome Master’s Thesis.


The most popular Capstone course is PSCI 8980, Research Tutorial. If you are interested in this course but you don’t have a faculty mentor in mind, please contact me , the Graduate Program Chair, and I will find the best faculty mentor for you.