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Dr. Jonathan C. Benjamin-Alvarado

Political Science
Arts & Sciences Hall, 275
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Tel: (402) 554-4859
Fax: (402) 554-4860

Fall 2014 Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday: 9am-11am, 1pm-2pm and by appointment.





Dr. Benjamin-Alvarado joined the faculty at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2000 from a previous teaching and research position at the University of Georgia, where he also received his Ph.D. Besides his teaching duties, Dr. Benjamin-Alvarado is the Director of the Intelligence Community Centers of Academic Excellence Program at UNO. He is Treasurer of the American Political Science Association.

Alumni Outstanding Teacher Award in the College of Arts and Sciences, 2012-2013

Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award, 2003
UNO Alumni Association

Courses Taught:

PSCI 2500 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PSCI 3140 Latino Politics
PSCI 3260 U.S. Foreign Policy
PSCI 4280 Inter-American Politics
PSCI 4380 Topics in Political Theory
PSCI 4920/8926 Advanced Topics in Political Science: Cuba at the Crossroads
PSCI 4920/8926 Advanced Topics in Political Science: National Security Intelligence
PSCI 4950 Senior Seminar in Political Science
PSCI 8200 Seminar in Foreign and Security Affairs
PSCI 8250 Seminar in Global Politics
INST 4140 Topics in International Studies
LLS 1000 Introduction to Latino/Latin American Studies

Current Research:
Power to the People: Energy and the Cuban Nuclear Program. Routledge 2000.

Cuba's Energy Future: Strategic Approaches to Cooperation, Editor. (Brookings Institution Press, 2011).