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 Welcome to the UNO Student Pre-Law Association!

The Pre-Law Association sponsors events throughout the year, in the interest of helping students learn about and prepare for legal careers. Becoming a member of the PLA is easy: simply sign up for our e-mail list, and you will start receiving information about our events and activities.

Officers for the 2005-2006 school year are:

Selma Terzic, Cody Farrens, Tony Costello, and Dan D'Louhy.

Each November, we sponsor a panel discussion including representatives from local law schools (Creighton University School of Law, and the University of Nebraska School of Law) and the legal profession. All interested students are welcome to attend and ask questions about the law and application to law school. Representatives from law schools are also available to speak with students at the pre-professional and career fairs held in the MBSC at UNO.

We also host a speaker each spring, as well as LSAT preparation and study sessions, focusing on the Analytical Reasoning (or "games") portion of the exam, held before the October and June test dates each year.

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