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columnWelcome to the Pre-Law Advising home page for the College of Arts and Sciences.

No particular undergraduate major or course of study is required for admission to law school or even recommended as the best preparation for the study of law. Rather, law schools typically emphasize the need for pre-law students to cultivate certain skills –- such as clarity in written and oral communication, an understanding of human institutions and human nature, and creative and critical thinking –- that can be developed in the context of a variety of majors. Pre-law student advisees from majors across the College of Arts and Sciences have been successful both in gaining admission to top law schools and excelling academically once they arrive at law school. Pre-law students are therefore encouraged to choose a major on the basis of their intellectual interests and to design, in consultation with the College’s pre-law advisors, an additional program of courses that will help them develop relevant skills and introduce them to legal concepts and arguments.

For more information about preparing for law school, pelase contact one of the College's Pre-Law Advisors:

Dr. Carson Holloway, Department of Political Science
AS 275, 402.554.4862,

Dr. Laura Grams, Department of Philosophy
AS 205, 402.554.2629,

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