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Volunteer Opportunities.

To receive e-mails regarding volunteer activities, send an e-mail to the Preserves Director requesting that you be added to either to the Preserve Volunteer List or the separate volunteer prescribed burn list (the Omaha Red List), or both. The Omaha Red List is an e-mail list of those interested in volunteering to assist with prescribed burning and includes those on the list in any e-mails regarding prescribed burns planned by UNO's Prescribed Burn Program. For more information on prescribed burning, refer to the Prescribed Burn page.

**Note: All volunteers are now required to sign a waiver of liability form before taking part in volunteer activities on university property. Volunteers under age 19 must have a parental release form. Waivers and parental release forms can be viewed here.


Possible activities include:

Seed collecting:

May be done throughout the year.  Fall is usually the best time to help with seed collecting.  Collections may be done at Glacier Creek Preserve, T.L. Davis Prairie, or any one of a number of other native prairies in the area. Please note that collection of seeds or plants at any native prairie site, whether or not managed by the University of Nebraska requires permission.

Tree/brush cutting: 

Tree and brush cutting is a priority at T.L. Davis Prairie as well as some locations at Glacier Creek Preserve and other native prairie sites. Volunteers mainly "swamp" (help stack or remove) downed trees.   More hands are better than one during tree cutting days. Gloves are essential, and eye protection is always a good idea.   

Invasive Species Control

We have several invasive species at the preserves that require our control. Volunteers are essential in helping us combat invaders like garlic mustard, leafy spurge, and others.

Prescribed burning: 

One of the most exciting volunteer opportunities involves prescribed burning.  Burns are conducted every spring, summer and fall at both Glacier Creek Preserve and the Agricultural and Research Development Center in Mead. We also help burn several local prairie preserves in the spring. Get hands-on experience with prescribed burning, and find out what prairie burns look like. Refer to the Prescribed Burn page to find out how you can become a volunteer.



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