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Visiting the Preserves.

We encourage the use of both Glacier Creek Preserve and T.L. Davis Prairie for teaching, research projects, educational activities and visitations to the extent that such use does not adversely affect the long-term quality of the preserve's native habitats. Please note the Preserve Use Policies listed at the end of this page that govern use of the preserve.

Post-Secondary Students & Faculty

Our preserves provide a diversity of educational opportunities and resources for post-secondary students and faculty. We encourage educational departments across UNO and other regional campuses to take advantage of the resources provided for teaching and research-related activiteis. Several service learning opportunities are also available for students throughout the year. Contact the Preserve Manager to make arrangements for bringing classes or holding a special event at one of our preserves.



What better place to teach students about the natural history of Nebraska than a tallgrass prairie preserve? Area grade school, middle school, high school and college educators are encouraged to take advantage of Glacier Creek Preserve or T.L. Davis Preserves as outdoor classrooms. In addition to tallgrass prairie, our preserves provide other habitats including riparian wooded corridors (Glacier Creek Preserve) and upland woodlands and savanna (T.L. Davis Preserve). Generally, late summer and fall (August - November) are the best times for K-12 schools to schedule visits to the preserves. The Preserve Manager is happy to coordinate your visit with you.

General Public

Other than parks, UNO's preserves offer the only free-access locations where you can learn about or experience eastern Nebraska's historic natural prairie and associated environments. Except for special events, the preserves are open to visitation by the public from sunrise to sunset. We request that large groups (generally 6 or more people) contact the Preserve Manager prior to visiting to either coordinate with others, including researchers, who may be using the preserve at the same time or to avoid conflicting visits. Pets are prohibited at both preserves and are weapons of any kind. Please park in designated areas and follow the Preserve Policies & Regulations listed below on this page.

>>Driving Directions to Glacier Creek Preserve

>>Driving Directions to T.L. Davis Preserve


Depending on staff availablilty, tours for groups, organizations, clubs and the general public are available at Glacier Creek Preserve and T.L. Davis Prairie. Typically, walking tours last 1-2 hours during which you have the opportunity to explore the prairie and discuss prairie ecology, the history of the preserve, restoration and management efforts and on-going experiments taking place at the preserve. We explore the prairie and discuss the history of the preserve, restoration efforts and on-going experiments taking place at the preserve. Contact the Preserve Manager to for availability and more information..

Preserve Policies & Regulations:

  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited beyond the entrance drive or parking lot at both preserves. Exceptions may be made for research purposes if approval is granted by the Preserve Director and Preserve Manager.
  • Firearms and other weapons are not allowed at the preserves.
  • Alcoholic beverages on the preserves are prohibited.
  • To protect wildlife, pets, leashed or unleased, are prohibited on the preserves.
  • Since the only unimproved roads we maintain within the preserve are those specifically used for prescribed burning, feel free to venture off-road at either preserve during the months of August through March. Please do not walk through defined experimental research plots, such as those located at Glacier Creek Preserve. In addition, avoid flagged areas and do not disturb or remove any flags, stakes, equipment or markers at either preserve since they are used to mark ongoing research. We discourage venturing off of the path at Glacier Creek Preserve during the grassland bird nesting season between May and mid-July.
  • Please help us keep the preserves clean - do not litter. Take away everything you bring with you to the preserve.
  • Do not disturb or remove any plants, animals, or other materials. Permission to collect specimens for classroom or research activities may be approved by the Preserve Director or Preserve Manager.
  • Camping and open fires are prohibited.
  • Be respectful of other visitors. Our preserves are places where natural sights and sounds should prevail.
  • At T.L. Davis Preserve, please do not block neighboring driveways at the entrance.
  • The Barn @ Glacier Creek Preserve is off limits during construction. We will announce when we have permission to provide public access.