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Students and Volunteers.

Glacier Creek and T.L. Davis Prairie Preserves offer many opportunities for students and non-students to get involved in various volunteer activities. Whether interested in gaining experience in restoring and managing natural communities or simply wanting to get outside and enjoy nature, we have the place for you. Volunteer-related links are listed below.

Volunteer help to control woody plant encroachment at T.L. Davis Preserve. Fall 2009.

>> Volunteer Opportunities for Preserve Management and Prescribed Burning

>> Student Internships and Workstudy

Volunteer Participation Waivers & Parental Release Forms

All volunteers who are not employees of the University of Nebraska must sign a waiver of liability before taking part in volunteer activities on a university property. Volunteers under age 19 must have a parental release form. Waivers and parental release forms can be obtained by clicking on the link below.