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Glacier Creek Preserve T.L. Davis Prairie

Glacier Creek Preserve is a 130 ha (320-acre) reestablished grassland research and education area situated northwest of Omaha in Douglas County, Nebraska. The 65 ha (160 acre) Allwine Prairie Tract, which is at the core of Glacier Creek Preserve, was originally donated to UNO in 1959 by Arthur and Antoinette Allwine and seeded to native, tallgrass prairie grasses in 1970. Efforts to acquire the land surrounding the original Allwine Prairie began in 1999 with the first purchase completed in 2009, which added 34 ha (83 acres) east and northeast of the preserve. An additional 31 ha (76 acres) were added in 2013. The Preserve provides a field site and associated facility for inquiry-based education and research in biology as well as other disciplines. Learn more...

T.L. Davis Prairie is a 10 ha (25-acre) preserve that was donated to the Biology Department in 2005. Named after the donor's grandfather, Thomas L. Davis, the preserve consists of ridge-top prairie remnants with oak-dominated woodlands on the slopes. Historically, the slopes supported a bur oak savanna ecosystem, as evidenced by large, open-grown bur oak trees and by early aerial photos. The preserve includes limited access to the Elkhorn River. Learn more....



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