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Glacier Creek Project.

The Glacier Creek Project is designed to create a unique, ecologically and geologically diverse preserve that will be the centerpiece for regional environmental education focusing on our historic, natural heritage - the Tallgrass Prairie. The proposed 255 ha (670 acre) Glacier Creek Preserve is intended to expand from the boundaries of the original 65 ha (160 acre) Allwine Prairie Preserve to encompass the entire Glacier Creek watershed. The resulting preserve will extend from the headwater reaches of the drainage, eastward through springs and seeps feeding Glacier Creek and joining wetlands and swales along the Big Papillion Creek habitat corridor.  This diverse topographic gradient will provide many opportunities for environmental education while also maintaining the diversity of habitats needed to preserve this rapidly diminishing prairie type.

The educational focus of the preserve will be further enhanced with the availability of the Environmental Education and Research Facility, situated on the existing preserve and scheduled for completion in the fall of 2013.  Importantly, the preserve is designed for broad educational purposes, which includes all levels of formal education (Pre-K through Graduate) as well as use by organizations and individuals simply desiring to enjoy the sights and sounds of our historic prairie. 

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