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The Barn

@ Glacier Creek Preserve


Education & Research Facility

Renovations to convert an 1880's dairy barn to our new education and research facility at Glacier Creek Preserve are underway. The Barn will facilitate the study of Nebraska's tallgrass prairie and associated ecosystems by providing much needed classroom and research space at the preserve. The Roy Johnson Family Partnership and Hayes-Bragg Family donated the barn and silo to UNO in 2011, along with funding to renovate the structures.

This unique facility will be equipped to accommodate researchers, individuals and groups of various sizes from a variety of organizations and institutions ranging from PK-12 schools through university-level institutions. Restroms will be available to the public. The facility is scheduled to be complete by September 2013.

Other Changes....

If you visit Glacier Creek Preserve in the near future you will notice several changes that were made in preparation for the barn move. The area east of the entrance drive was widened and graded to allow the barn and silo to travel down the road. Areas around the buildings were also graded for construction purposes and will be re-seeded with prairie grasses and forbs. McArdle Grading Company donated site preparation for the barn move.


The Barn and silo in their original location on the Johnson family farm in 2010.

Barn and Silo Journey Through Time & Space

"Life's journey began for these icons of our rural heritage in the early days of Nebraska's statehood when Danish immigrant Hans Johnson Sr. purchased farmland near what is now 180th and Ida Streets.

The barn was built around 1880 and the farm was passed down through generations of the Johnson family. According to descendant Barbi Hayes of Omaha, her mother grew up on the farm and delivered milk to Omaha grocery stores in the 1930's and 40's. Hayes grandmother, Bess Grau, Johnson ran the large dairy while grandfather Roy Johnson ran the farm.

Though many years have passed since the lowing of cattle and bustle and clang of dairy drifted up through the rafters, the old "bones" are sound and the barn is on a new mission to preserve both our natural and agricultural heritage." See the full article here.

Date: 2012
Source: College of Arts and Sciences Newsletter
Compiled by Editor Joan Bell

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The barn and silo literally "hit the road" on January 13, 2011 and made their way from their original location on the Johnson family farm near Elkhorn to Glacier Creek Preserve in Bennington. The barn is being renovated to serve as our new education and research facility with completion expected in the fall of 2013.


In the News

>>Jan. 10, 2013: Glacier Creek Preserve and The Barn were featured in an Omaha World Herald Special Sections article. View the article here.

>>Jan. 14, 2011: The Barn makes it's way to Glacier Creek Preserve. Coverage of the barn move on the front page of the Omaha World Herald found here

>>Jan. 6, 2011: UNO press release - "Century-Old Barn, Silo to be moved to Allwine Prairie Preserve"