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Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan

2010 winners.


The UNO Maverick Investment Program (led by Dr. David Volkman)

The Maverick Investment Program has grown from a single class in Principles of Investment to an integrated program that begins with area high school students and progresses to a certificate preparation program for post graduate students. The Program includes the Maverick Investment Camp for high school students, an undergraduate program in Investment science, including a student managed investment club and the student management of the Cloud fund for a UNO Alumni. Graduate students go on to have experience in managing a fixed income portfolio for First National Bank as part of their graduate work The Maverick program also includes a review prep program for preparation for industry professionals seeking the CFA Certification, an extremely difficult certification. It is our pleasure to recognize the Maverick Investment Program.




The Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility (led by Dr. Nick Stergiou)

The Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility is an interdisciplinary unit which combines techniques from biology, engineering, and mathematics that seek to provide new understanding of the dynamic aspects of human movement. Students at the NBCF include post graduate researchers, doctorial and masters graduate students and international students from diverse countries but complementary backgrounds. By collaborating with premier researchers throughout the world, the NBCF aims to develop new diagnostic and prognostic tests and related biotechnology for a variety of movement disorders affecting infants through elderly. The NBCF team has developed a leading laboratory, fully equipped with key biomechanical research technologies that provide services of consultation, data analysis, data collections and software training to the entire research community for the NU system and beyond. It is our pleasure to recognize the Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility.




The Neighborhood Center Graffiti Scan Program (led by Dr. Russ Smith)

The Neighborhood Center is recognized for its innovative program of community engagement of students and neighborhood residents in a focused effort to document and remove gang graffiti from neighborhoods. This program was part of a longstanding effort to combine data collections, hand held technology, and students with a desire to serve, emerging with neighborhood leaders and community law enforcement. With technical support and long range planning, the participants were able in a single day to eliminate over 300 instances of graffiti from private residents, buildings, parks and bridges in South Omaha. The project results are visible but also empowered the student volunteers as well as the neighborhood community to do more in the future. Success of this project is ongoing and will be repeated. It is our pleasure to recognize, The Neighbor hood Center Graffiti Scan project.