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Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan

Goal 3: UNO will be recognized for its outstanding engagement with the urban, regional, national, and global communities

In accordance with our mission, UNO is committed to community engagement. UNO defines community engagement as collaboration between the University and its local, regional, national and global communities for the exchange of knowledge and resources. As an engaged campus, UNO is fully committed to creating value through mutually beneficial partnerships where information and expertise is shared and applied for the common good.

  • Sub-Goal A: UNO will expand its community connections by engaging with partners in instructionally-based academic and educational activities. By 2015:
    • Objective 1. Each of the UNO colleges will increase the number of undergraduate and graduate courses with service learning components by 25%.
    • Objective 2. UNO will establish dual enrollment course agreements and offerings with all the public school districts in the Metropolitan Omaha Educational Consortium.
    • Objective 3. UNO will expand its curriculum and transfer articulation agreements with all community colleges in Nebraska and southwestern Iowa.
    • Objective 4. UNO will expect that all students complete a minimum of 20 hours of service or community engaged scholarship, such as volunteering, service learning experiences, and/or internships.
    • Objective 5. UNO will, in collaboration with schools, businesses, and other community partners, increase the number of joint courses and joint continuing learning/professional development.
    • Objective 6. UNO will be increase its commitment to working with students, countries, and institutions around the world.
  • Sub-Goal B: UNO will increase its research and creative activity that expand and advance the study and nature of community engagement. By 2015:
    • Objective 1. UNO faculty and researchers will research, write and publish an increasing number of projects which may be described as “scholarship of engagement.”
    • Objective 2. UNO faculty, staff and students will apply for and be granted external funding for doing “scholarship of engagement”.
    • Objective 3. UNO faculty, staff and students will create and disseminate artistic and media projects which add to the existing integration of the scholarship of engagement and actual community engagement in fields such as voluntary community service.
    • Objective 4. UNO faculty, staff and students will document UNO’s community engagement in such a way that the documentation may be used by UNO and other researchers and creative artists engaged in the scholarship of engagement.
  • Sub-Goal C: UNO students, faculty, staff and constituencies will engage with our communities through service, involvement and support. By 2015:
    • Objective 1. UNO will broaden its presence in the community through engagement in non-academic service areas.
    • Objective 2. UNO will encourage knowledge, involvement, and support of community engagement opportunities by the campus community.
    • Objective 3. UNO will establish a process for gathering and documenting service engagement by the campus community.
    • Objective 4. UNO will increase the involvement of alumni and friends to advance UNO’s priorities.
  • Sub-Goal D: UNO will provide leadership through developing and expanding the infrastructure, resources, policies, and practices that support the university’s commitment to engaging with the community. By 2015:
    • Objective 1. UNO will have a Community Engagement Center on campus that provides offices, learning spaces, meeting spaces, and community areas in support of work with community partners.
    • Objective 2. Working with governance units across the campus and colleges, UNO will embed the culture of community engagement into its evaluation and review systems.
    • Objective 3. Working with governance units across the campus and colleges, UNO will expand the network of resources for supporting and encouraging local, regional, and international community partnerships.
    • Objective 4. UNO will establish mechanisms for recognizing excellence in contributions and achievements that advance partnerships aimed at addressing the compelling needs in our community.
    • Objective5. UNO will create communication strategies through which campus and community needs and opportunities are articulated and disseminated to internal and external constituencies.