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Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan


  • Student Focus
  • Academmic Excellence
  • Community Engagement


  1. The Chancellor’s Strategic Planning Awards are a means of recognizing extraordinary progress toward furthering the campus strategic mission and goals to become a metropolitan university of distinction.
  2. It is an attempt by the university community to honor its own student, faculty and staff units, and cross-disciplinary initiatives.
  3. Three awards will be given annually. Awardees shall have performed with distinction in any of these fields: student focus, academic excellence or community engagement.
  4. The awards shall be limited to student groups, academic and non-academic units, and cross-disciplinary initiatives. These awards are for collective achievements and are not for individual accomplishments.
  5. Nominations should include the following and are limited to the size of a 1” binder:
    • A completed nomination/application form and attached description of the nominee’s/applicant’s qualifications (no more than three pages in length);
    • Up to three letters supporting the nomination/application; and
    • Additional information supporting the nomination/application which may include: current CV/Bios of members of the nominated department/unit and materials relating to activities for which department/unit has been nominated.


  1. Members of the University community may recommend any unit or initiative for consideration of the Chancellor’s Strategic Planning Awards by submitting an application in writing to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee.
  2. Nominations/applications will be forwarded to the Charlotte Swank, Chancellors Office EAB 201 by the deadline, January 15, 2010.
  3. Three awards will be presented annually, one for each of the overarching strategic goals. The awards will be presented by the chancellor at the annual strategic planning forum.
  4. Nominations/applications will be reviewed for the current year ONLY and will not be carried forward to the next year. Once a department/unit receives the award, they are not eligible to receive another for two subsequent years.
  5. Applications that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered for the award.