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Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan

Action Projects

AY 2011-2012
Contact: Neal W. Topp, – 554.2435

  1. An Engaged Campus: Coordinating Volunteer & Service Opportunities, Activities, and Community Relations

    The primary goals are to (1) enhance volunteer/service experiences for UNO students, faculty, staff, and community partners and (2) improve accountability for UNO volunteer/service contributions.

    The project will focus on alignment of student volunteer/service experiences with learning objectives; assessment of student engagement and community involvement; determination of university impact/contribution to the community, and internal and external communication.

  2. Exceptional Service, Lasting Impressions…Improving UNO Customer Service

    The primary is to focus attention of campus personnel on the importance and impact of providing excellent customer service and how that improves campus operations, student experience and achievement of UNO's goals.

    The project will improve the student, parent and visitor experience to and with this campus. Outcomes anticipated include increased awareness of customer service by employees and the improvement of customer service to all constituents.

  3. Strengthening the Relationship: Professional Advisors--Faculty Advisors

    The primary goal of this project is to improve the academic advising process in the College of Arts and Sciences by strengthening the relationship between the advising of freshmen by the professional advising staff and the advising of upper class students by faculty.

    Academic advising in each department of the College of Arts and Sciences will be improved and the lesson learned in this project will be used in other colleges in the future.