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Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan

2006 winners.


Project Achieve

Project Achieve, currently in its fourteenth year at UNO, provides instruction; tutoring; academic skill development; financial aid, academic, career and personal counseling and assistance in preparing for graduate school and professional employment.  Focused on writing and math curricula, Project Achieve academic specialists facilitate one-to-one tutoring and supplemental instruction in small groups to augment course instruction. Project achieve students are also supported through academic and personal counseling which helps them navigate and negotiate the challenges of college life.  All of this is done for 160 students per year with a program director, secretary, and three professional staff members.

Many students have said that Project Achieve was a difference maker for them, and that supported by its staff and services, they were able to stay in college, to pass a particular course, or to participate in community service.  The Project Achieve program focuses on students every year.



School of Communication

Through traditional and innovative teaching and use of emerging technologies, the School of Communication promotes learning, scholarship, research, creative activity, and service to the profession and to the broader community in all aspects of human communication.  They have achieved academic excellence by focusing on their four instructional missions.

The school has won numerous college, campus and system teaching and research awards, one of the most recent being Karen Dwyer’s Outstanding Teaching Instructional Creativity Award.  Faculty members also are very productive in a wide range of scholarly activity.  They also regularly publish in newspapers, magazines, and other popular outlets as well as in trade publications in journalism and broadcasting.  The faculty also encourages undergraduate and graduate student research.

Some of the areas in which the School of Communication demonstrates their academic excellence are speech communication, First Year Experience courses, mass communication, service-learning, and interdisciplinary teaching.



Center for Public Affairs Research

The Center for Public Affairs Research is a research and community outreach unit of the UNO College of Public Affairs and Community Service.  Launched in the early 1970s, CPAR has been a vital source of objective data and information on contemporary issues on a local, state, regional, and national level.

During the past three decades, CPAR has provided substantial outreach and applied research support to hundreds of governmental, business, and non-profit organizations.  In all these efforts, CPAR engages UNO faculty, students, and staff in framing critical societal issues, collecting and analyzing data, and identifying solutions.  Throughout its existence, CPAR has uncovered public opinion on key societal issues, identified critical demographic and labor trends, and informed public policy making.

CPAR is the lead agency for the Nebraska State Data Center, a cooperative federal/state program to disseminate and promote the utilization of governmental statistic products.  In Nebraska, the program consists of a network of 23 state and local agencies.  In its role in the Nebraska State Data Center, CPAR provides assistance in utilizing data and conducting research and has provided information on employment trends, migration, population change, and other factors describing individual communities, counties, and the state.  People throughout the state and nation look to CPAR for information about Nebraska.