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Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan

environmental issues and strategies.

This Task Force, chaired by Bill Swanson, will be a continuation of last year's Environmental Scan Task Force and will focus on developing the strategies needed to address the strategic issues (as identified at the May 8, 2006 Advance).



Bill Swanson

Tom Frette

Theresa Barron-McKeagney

Birud Sindhav

Alexander Williams

Matt Galardi

Mary Lynn Reiser

Shelby Buettner

Kevin Naylor

Sara Woods

Jim Freeman

Elizabeth Kraemer



September 15

October 13

Conducting a Focus Group

Tips for Conducting a Focus Group

October 20

November 20


Focus Group Recorder Form

Focus Group Handouts

Issue 1 - Broader variety of course delivery

Issue 4 - Growing competition in student recruitment

Issue 6 - Affordability

Issue 8 - Increase in the enrollment of students from underrepresented populations

Issue 11 - Funding limitations in recruitment and retention of quality faculty and staff

Issue 12 - Employers expect graduates to have higher level technical & soft skills