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Degree Programs

The Philosophy Department offers a major or minor in philosophy as part of the Bachelor of Arts degree.  It does not offer a master's degree.  The general BA Requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences are required for philosophy majors and minors. Philosophy also pairs easily as a double major with many other disciplines.

Philosophy Major

33 credit hours in philosophy, 21 hours of which must be upper division (3000-4990)

Lower division courses must include:

  1. Critical Reasoning (1210) or Symbolic Logic (2010)
  2. Introduction to Ethics (2030)

Upper division courses must include:

  1. History of Ancient Philosophy (3110)
  2. History of Modern Philosophy (3130)
  3. Theory of Knowledge (3600)
  4. Metaphysics (3700)
  5. Ethical Theory (3050)
  6. Advanced Philosophy Writing Seminar (4000)

Recommended Courses for students going to philosophy graduate school:

  1. Symbolic Logic (2010) (strongly)
  2. Philosophy of Language (3610)
  3. Philosophy of Mind (3650)

Recommended for students going to law school or business school:

  1. Symbolic Logic (2010 strongly)
  2. Social Philosophy (3210)

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Philosophy Minor

The requirements for the minor in philosophy are 18 hours in Philosophy, of which no more than 6 may be below the 3000 level.