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For the effective delivery of the regular newsletter at the end of a year, please fill out the membership application and send or email it to Halla Kim ( NAKPA is also making a data-base of institutions with courses that focus on Korean philosophy by way of the English language. Please let us know of relevant course if you have not done so. We would appreciate it.


Upcoming Venues on Korean Philosophy

Korean and Comparative Philosophy and History of Philosophy
Date: 11-13 December 2014
Venue: City University of Hong Kong
Host: P. J. Ivanhoe (CUHK)


Recent Venues on Korean Philosophy

APA Committee Session: Buddhism as Philosophy in Korea
Arranged by the APA Committee on the Status of Asian and Asian- American Philosophers and Philosophies
APA Central Division, Palmer House, Chicago
February 27, 2014, 12:10pm-2:10pm
Chair: Halla Kim (University of Nebraska–Omaha)
Speakers: Eunsu Cho (Seoul National University)“Mind and Reality in Wonhyo’s Philosophy”
Jin Y. Park (American University)“Envisioning Buddhist Ethics”

APA Committee Session: The Development of Confucianism in Korea
Arranged by the APA Committee on the Status of Asian and Asian- American Philosophers and Philosophies 
Chair: Halla Kim (University of Nebraska–Omaha) 
So-Yi Chung (Sogang University, Korea) “Tasan’s Confucianism”  
Owen Flanagan (Duke University) “The Four-Seven Debate: A New Look”  
Hwa Yol Jung (Moravian College) “Confucian Filial Piety in Theory and Practice in Korea Today”  
Bongrae Seok (Alvernia University) “Korean Neo-Confucianism and Moral Psychology of  Emotion: Qing and XingQing”

Intellectual and Institutional Trends of Korean Studies in North America 
Organized by the Academy of Korean Studies
Seoul, Korea. Oct 24-25, 2013.
Jin Y. Park, “Korean Philosophy: Reviewing the Present and Envisioning the Future” 

Korean Philosophy Workshop at the University of San Francisco:
Organizer: David Kim
AUGUST 13-14, 2013
“Radical Enchantment in Donghak Syncretism” David H. Kim (U. of San Francisco)
“Kim Iryŏp and a Comparative Philosophy of Religion” Jin Y. Park (American U.)
“Ham Sŏkhŏn and the Rise of Philosophy of History in Korea” Halla Kim (U. of Nebraska)
“The Concept of Minjung: Inventing ‘A People to Come’” Boram Jeong (Duquesne U.)
“The Cunning Practices of the Inauthentic Asian American Woman” Emily S. Lee (CSU, Fullerton)
“Confucian Ritual Propriety for 21st Century South Korea:
A Reconstruction from Traditional Korean Resources,” Jung-Yeup Kim (Kent State U.)
Sponsored by the Philosophy Dept, The Mortimer Fleishhacker Fund, The Center for the Pacific Rim, and The Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies Program


Some Photos from Korean Buddhism as Philosophy, Central APA, Chicago Palmer House, February 2014


Some Photos from the Eastern APA, Baltimore, Dec. 27-30, 2013

Halla Kim, Mickey and Hwa Yol Jung, Baltimore, December 27, 2013 (from left to right)

The Session on Korean Confucianism: Hwa Yol Jung, Halla Kim (moderator), Owen Flanagan, So-Yi Chung, Bongrae Seok (from left to right) Baltimore, Dec. 28, 2013

Dinner at a Korean BBQ Restaurant (From left to right: So-Yi Chung, Suk Choi, Chaehyon (Jay) Chong, Bongrae Seok, Halla Kim, David Kim, Boram Jeong, Hwa Yol Jung, Mickey Jung, Jin Y. Park), Baltimore, Dec. 2013

So-Yi Chung and Myeong-Seok Kim, Baltimore, Dec. 2013

Halla Kim, Sukjae Lee, Han-Kyul Kim (left to right), Baltimore, Dec. 2013



Some Photos from the conference on KOREAN MODERNITY/COLONIALITY (the University of San Francisco, AUGUST 13-14, 2013)


From left to right: Halla Kim, Boram Jeong, Jung-Yeop Kim, Nahee Kwak, Emily Lee, David Kim and Jin Y. Park.

Jin Y. Park takes a break from the conference at USF

During the Second Day of the Conference at USF