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Paul Audi Paul Audi, Associate Professor
AS 205F

Specialties: Metaphysics and Philosophy of Mind

Dr. Paul Audi was born in Lincoln, NE, and did his undergraduate degree at Colgate University (concentrating in philosophy), and his graduate work at Princeton University. Before coming to UNO he was Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Colgate.

Paul has taught courses in Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Logic, and Ethical Theory (including both normative ethics and metaethics).

His research interests are primarily in Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Mind. In particular, his current work is on the nature of properties (especially identity conditions for properties); the logic and metaphysics of grounding (the relation expressed by the phrase 'in virtue of'); the mind-body problem (Audi defends an antiphysicalist property dualism and defends the causal efficacy of mental events); and the relation between reasons and concsciousness (Audi argues that some reasons we have derive from our experiences, like pain, and could not derive from any physical or functional property).

Paul's other interests include weightlifting, cooking, playing the piano, stand-up comedy, and amateur home repair.

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