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A message from, Sharon Ulmar, Pathways to Harmony program coordinator:

"Over 500 faculty, staff and students have taken part in "Pathways to Harmony" since it was first introduced on our campus nearly five years ago. Participants tell me they're surprised how much they learn about themselves, their colleagues and diversity, in general. Many come to the sessions not knowing what to expect, and leave inspired, informed and enthusiastic."

"If we are truly committed as a campus community to the goals of diversity, then information is a powerful tool needed to succeed. "Pathways to Harmony" offers participants a fresh look at the value of each and every individual to the education enterprise. Taught in a supportive environment, the sessions are fast-paced, relevant, and offer new insights into what it means to embrace diversity. "Pathways to Harmony" is making a difference at UNO."

Pathways to Harmony

To fully succeed as a student, teacher, employee or citizen in today's global community, you must have the skills to effectively interact with people who are different from yourself.

In a world full of diversity, understanding how to navigate differences in all facets of our life, including the workplace, is a valuable asset. We must be able to recognize the cultural assumptions made from ignorance, fear, or misunderstanding, which stand in the way of living and working effectively in our diverse society.

Pathways to Harmony can help to assist in our success, UNO's Pathways to Harmony offers us the opportunity to develop our ability to better function in the ever changing work environment. Pathways offers experiential workshops, activities and discussions that provide and increase awareness of the dynamics of prejudice and the barriers that decrease cross-cultural communication.

The Pathways to Harmony program is a half-day long, controlled "safe" environment where participants and facilitators alike learn to identify their own misconceptions and beliefs openly and honestly.