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Pathways to Harmony

Thank you for visiting UNO's "Pathways to Harmony" website. Offered on campus four times a year or more, this outstanding program communicates and validates campus diversity goals and values. "Pathways to Harmony" welcomes student, faculty and staff participation and is facilitated by members of the campus community in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

In October, 2007 the new and updated Pathways to Harmony program was launched. Changes were made to bring a fresh perspective to the topic of diversity and also to implement suggestions from the campus community. Dates for the new program will be posted on the Registration page of this site.

As you explore this website, you'll learn more about what the program has to offer. As UNO strives for its strategic goals, embracing diversity is key to our success. Please take part in a "Pathways to Harmony" program soon.

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