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Parking Violation Information

Pay a Violation

Faculty, Staff, and Students pay online with MavPark.

Contractors, Vendors and Visitors pay online at MavPark Visitor.

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Appeal a Violation


Students, Faculty or Staff who receive a Parking Violation at UNO have the option to appeal the violation within 30 days of the issuance of the violation. The appeal should present substantial or valid evidence that the parking violation was not committed, or that the occurrence was due to circumstances beyond their control. The appeal process is not a venue for general criticisms, complaints or policy debates. In order to provide a consistent review procedure the following reasons do NOT meet the Standards for Appeal:

* Frivolous or Abusive Appeals: If an appeal is deemed frivolous or abusive it will be immediately denied.
* Other vehicles were parked improperly. This includes vehicles parked in unauthorized lots (e.g. student in faculty/staff lot) or unauthorized areas (e.g. non-designated stalls, no parking areas, loading zones).
* Only parked illegally for a short period of time (e.g. meter expired for only a few minutes, dropping off assignment, etc…).
* Stated parking enforcement officer did not ticket previously for similar offenses.
* Late to class or appointment.
* Inability to pay the amount of the fine.
* Lack of available parking.
* No valid permit.
* No money to pay for meter parking.
* No current UNO permit has been purchased for the faculty/staff or student appealing the violation

How to Appeal:

1. Visitors appeal online at MavPark Visitor. Faculty, Staff and Students appeal online at MavPark.
2. Read all directions through the online appeal process and complete all steps online, including an explanation of why the ticket is invalid within 30 days of the issuance of the violation notice.
3. Parking Services will notify you of the appeal decision via email.
4. Faculty, staff and students can only appeal a violation if they have purchased a a current UNO permit.

Visitors who are not affiliated with the University of Nebraska may have two violations, $30 or less, waived per academic year. Faculty, staff and students may have one violation of $30 of less waived per academic year.

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Violation Fines

The following is a list of fines:

  1. The following are violations of University Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations:
    $250 Unauthorized removal, attempting to remove, tampering with or damaging a Rhino Boot, or moving the vehicle with the Rhino Boot attached. The owner/operator will be assessed the amount necessary to repair a damaged Rhino Boot, missing or damaged padlocks, or Rhino Boot parts, or to replace a Rhino Boot.
    $150 Use of counterfeit permit or an unauthorized facsimile of a parking permit.
    $150 1st Offense - Unauthorized handicap stall/blocking handicap access. (per calendar year)
    $300 2nd Offense - Unauthorized handicap stall/blocking handicap access. (per calendar year)
    $500 3rd Offense - Unauthorized handicap stall/blocking handicap access. (per calendar year)
    $100 Unauthorized reserved stall.
    $75 Obtaining a parking permit under false pretenses/or falsifying a parking permit application and parking on campus with a stolen parking permit. In addition, individuals found with stolen parking permits in their possession may be restricted from parking on campus for one semester, or an equivalent period of time. Also using a prior violation notice to avoid a new violation notice will constituted a false pretenses violation notice. Allowing your permit to be counterfeit/copied.
    $50 Administrative Boot Fee (unable to be appealed).
    $30 Over-time parking in a restricted area or space regulated by a time limit.
    $30 Parked in an area not specifically designated as a parking area for motor vehicles (on grass or lawn, sidewalk or crosswalk, blocking driveways to traffic movement, or no parking area).
    $30 Parked blocking driveways, roadways or other vehicles.
    $20 All moving violations:
            1. Failure to yield to pedestrians.
            2. Speeding.
            3. Failure to stop at a stop sign or by Officer's direction.
            4. Driving in a reckless manner.
            5. Driving wrong-way on a one-way street or roadway.
    $30 Parking in a parking lot or space not authorized.
    $30 No parking permit or authorization (Temporary Permit) to use parking facilities.
    $10 Parking over stall lines.
    $10 Non-registered Handicap permit.
    $10 Parking on campus overnight without permission from Parking Services.

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Hours of Enforcement

Metered parking, enforced from 7 a.m. - 7p.m., is open to Visitors only during these hours. All other lots are patrolled 24/7, Monday through Friday.

There is open parking on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays and days when campus-wide University classes are not in session. Open parking excludes meters, handicap stalls (without a handicap permit), reserved stalls, loading zones, driveways and fire lanes.

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UNO has the responsibility to remove or boot any vehicle that is improperly parked or is deemed a common nuisance, at the owner/operator's expense.

Vehicle Booting (Rhino Boot)
  1. Individuals with two or more violation notices which are delinquent (not paid within 14 calendar days) and park on campus may have their vehicle booted until all outstanding penalties and the $50 boot fee are paid. Booted vehicles on campus after 10 p.m. daily may be removed by local tow company and held until all outstanding penalties, fees, tow charges, and storage fees are paid.

  2. The Rhino Boot may also be used under the following circumstances:

    1. When a vehicle is parked on campus and does not display current license plates, a valid permit and the VIN is covered.
    2. When more than one vehicle is to be towed, to restrict the vehicle until the towing company arrives.
    3. When a vehicle is in a dangerous or difficult position and towing would be impractical, because of its position in relation to other vehicles or physical obstructions.
    4. Counterfeit permits displayed on a vehicle parked on campus.
    5. Lost or stolen permits displayed on a vehicle parked on campus.
  1. A vehicle may be towed WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE under the following circumstances:

    1. Reserved lots or stalls.
    2. Handicap spaces or blocking handicap access.
    3. Blocking driveways, vehicles or impeding traffic flow.
    4. Parked over 24 hours.
    5. No Parking area.
    6. Tow-Away Zones.
    7. When deemed a common nuisance.
    8. Loading and Unloading Zones.
    9. Faculty/Staff parking areas when not displaying a valid Faculty/Staff parking permit.
    10. All Student parking areas when not displaying a valid Student parking permit.

  2. Vehicles which have been booted because of delinquent violation notices, after 10 p.m. daily, or when it is mechanically impractical because of design of tire or wheel, or when it may cause damage to same.
  3. Bicycles will be impounded when parked in hazardous areas or blocking pedestrian movement, vehicular traffic or other services. Owners wishing to reclaim their bicycles may contact Campus Security. Owners will be required to show some proof of ownership of the bicycle and/or properly identify themselves to the Security Officer releasing the bicycle.

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Failure to Pay

    1. All violation fines and/or fees become delinquent if not paid after 14 calendar days following the date of issuance of the violation(excluding University Holidays).
    2. Any vehicle with two or more unpaid violation notices which become delinquent will be booted by Parking Services using a Rhino Boot and will not be released until all outstanding penalties and the $50 boot fee are paid. The owner/operator of such vehicle is responsible for the costs of booting, violation penalties, and towing and storage fees if applicable.
    3. Booted vehicles on campus after 10 p.m. daily may be removed by local tow company and held until all outstanding penalties, fees, tow charges, and storage fees are paid.
    4. Students with any outstanding violations will be placed on stop enrollment and will be required to pay all outstanding violations prior to registering for classes. Once tickets are paid, the stop enrollment will be removed by 10 a.m. the next business day.
    5. Individuals who STOP PAYMENT or who fail to satisfy payment or parking permit fees or fines, because of insufficient funds, no account, etc., will be automatically placed on the TOW/RHINO BOOT list, and will be required to pay CASH to satisfy the outstanding amount and additional violation penalties or fees.
    6. Payment of violations may be made online.

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Banned Vehicles

If a person displays a counterfeited permit, displayed a lost stolen permit, or committed a severe infraction, they may be banned from parking on Campus for a year.

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