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Office of Research and Creative Activity

FUSE Speaker Series

Purpose:The Fund for Undergraduate Scholarly Experiences (FUSE) Speaker Series provides an opportunity for UNO students with FUSE grants to interact with those who are pursuing a successful career in research and creative activity. It encourages students to think about "Next Steps" and provides a forum for them to discuss potential issues as well as strategies for success.

Call for Nominations: Faculty are invited to submit names of potential speakers. Nominations of UNO alum speakers are encouraged but any distinguished speaker will be considered.

Nomination Guidelines: Please provide the potential Speaker's contact information, resume and a brief (no more than one page) explanation of why you are nominating this individual. Any tentative plans for a possible visit are helpful. If any synergistic activities are planned (meeting with student groups, etc) please explain these activities and explain (if not completely obvious) how UNO students will benefit.

Example: In February of 2012, Adam Smith (UNO Class of '08, PhD Candidate in Neuroscience at Florida State University, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship) visited the UNO campus and met with various groups of faculty and students. In Allwine Hall he gave a technical presentation on "Stress response, social buffering, and brain oxytocin," and then proceeded to present "Social Buffering of Stress: From Neurobiology to Life" at the Fourth Annual UNO Student Research and Creative Activity Fair.

Nomination Form

Should you have further questions or suggestions, please email