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Informal/Formal Labor Spaces: Immigrant Latino Workers in New Mexico’s Contingent Employment
Immigration Reform: Why should all employees be concerned and involved? Paper  
Contribuyendo con su parte: Contribuciones de los migrantes a la salud fiscal de El Salvador y México/
Paying their Share: Migrants' Contribution to Fiscal Health in El Salvador and Mexico.
The Migration's Impact to the United States in the Rural Development of Zimatlan, Oaxaca's District in the Context of Globalization (The Case of El Trapiche, Santa Cruz Mixtepec)

El impacto de la migración a Estados Unidos en el desarrollo rural del distrito de Zimatlán, Oaxaca. El caso de El Trapiche, Santa Cruz Mixtepec
Policing Immigrants: The Local Dilemmas of Immigration Enforcement in Nashville
The Nebraska Legislature: local responses to immigration    
Bada, Xóchitl & Jonathan Fox
The Woodrow Wilson Project on Migrant Civil Society. Key Findings Presentation
Paper (English)
Paper (Español)
Temporary Migrant Workers' Priogram: the Trick behind the Deal Presentation English
Omaha: Migrant Civil Society under Construction Paper  
Bureaucratic Incorporation and Institutional Effects on Immigrant Integration: State Policy Decision Making and Undocumented Latino Immigrants in New Jersey
Nuevos sujetos políticos transnacionales: una aproximación al caso guatemalteco
Salud Migrante  
Global Lima: Informing service learning models from transnational and Latin American perspectives Presentation  
Migrant organizations empowerment and the Global Forums    
Colombian Fiancés, International Marriage Brokers and the Migration Industry
Carne viva: (Re)Presenting (Im)migration in Iowa
The Industry Makes or Breaks Us: Mexican Petroleum Workers, Industry Cycles, and Worker Strategies
Rural community longevity: Capitalizing on diversity for immigrant residential stability
The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Immigrants in Nebraska Presentation  
Federal Aliens, Local Citizens: Expansive Rights for Undocumented Immigrants in San Francisco
Brain drain and brain gain: A Nebraska perspective Presentation  
A Critical Perspective on the Relationship between Development and Migration Presentation  
Contributions of Mexican migrants to the US Economy and costs of emigration for Mexico Presentation  
Faist, Thomas Reflections on Academic Knowledge, Policy and the Public Role of Social Scientists: The Case of Migration and Development Presentation  
The Douglas County Jail approach to working with Latino and Immigrant inmates in the era of mobility and ICE    
El desafío de la nueva política pública con enfoque transnacional
Crime and impunity in post-war Guatemala: El cojo bueno and Noche de piedras, by Rodrigo Rey Rosa
García, Claudia, Ana Cruz,  Evangelina Brignoni, Ramón Guerra, and Juan Casas
Unlocking Reality: The Challenges and Rewards of a University-Jail Partnership  
Creating a Medical Home for Patients on the Move
Psychological Contracts and Experiences of Organizational Justice of Meatpacking Workers in Nebraska
Behind the migration decision: Family and Community Networks in Mexico-US Migration
Los derechos de las mujeres en Latinoamerica: Un estudio por Lima, Peru
Modelando la relación funcional entre migración internacional, bienestar de los hogares y economía en comunidades rurales de México.
Promoting integration, working to defeat anti-immigrant legislation:  Outcomes of recent legislative proposals in Nebraska Presentation  
Temporary Worker Programs as Precarious Status: Implications for Citizenship, Inclusion and Nation Building in Canada Presentation  
The BronxToday: A Socioeconomic Profile of the Population of a Changing Transnational Community
Human Rights: Connecting Migration & Development Presentation
Paper (English)
Paper (Español)
Bridging the Gap for Health Disparaties in Nebraska
Policies, Practices, and Mutation of the Brain Drain:
Illusion, Camouflage, and Denial as Instruments in Global Governance of Human Mobility
Presentation English
Passage, Profit, Protection and the Challenge of Participation: Building and Belonging in African Cities Presentation English
Tendencias recientes de la emigración calificada de América Latina y El Caribe: entre la fuga de cerebros y el desperdico de talentos
Open the Door and They Will Come In: Providing quality educational programming for immigrant families
Migration, globalization and development: a labour movement perspective Paper English
Filling the Void? State Responses to Immigration and Immigrants, 2005-2008
Children of Transnational Communities: A Lost Generation or New Partners for Development?
Panchmatia, Neil A.
The Catholic Church and Faith-Based Social Justice Engagement: A Comparative Study of Latino and Somali Immigrants in Central Minnesota
Facing Our Future: Children in the Aftermath of Immigration Enforcement Enfrentando nuestro futuro: los niños y las consecuencias de la aplicación de las leyes migratorias  
Dividing or Converging? Political Loyalties, Transnational Organizations, and the Incorporation of Latin American Immigrants in the United States Presenation  
Latino/Latina Political Engagement: Will Immigrants Revolutionize Politics?
Pigments of Our Imagination: On the Racialization of "Latino" Identities and the U.S. Census Paper
Voice Recording
Colombian and Venezuelan Immigrant Organizations in the United States
Immigration trends, new destinations and local policy responses State Of Metro.

Uninsured and Latino, Health Care Challenges and Models that Work  
Reimagining Migration Polices, North and South    
Generic subversion in The Three Burials of Melquíades Estrada
Migrant Guatemalan Women, Agents of Social Change, Under the Current Global Crisis - A Methodological Essay on Social Remittances
Bilingual Education: Gateway to a better future for Latino children

Vázquez, Karina Elizabeth

Breaking the Waves: Deconstructing Social and Cultural Stereotypes through a Course on Human Rights Readings in Spanish   English
Reinventing Health Reform: Two Decades of Struggles for Immigrants' Rights to Health Care
Fronteras e inmigración en la crónica latinoamericana: Alfredo Molano y Luis Arturo Ramos.
Immigration and the Rights of "Others": An Empirical Analysis of the Human Rights of Irregular Migrants
Propiedad de la tierra, producción y migración: Un estudio comparativo en dos comunidades


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