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Summer 2012 University of Nebraska Study Abroad
Brazil: Critical Issues

16 July 2012 The red carpet was out at Criança Esperança on Wednesday, our final day at that NGO.  VIP’s were invited to ride the elevator up twenty seven flights from the wealthy Ipanema neighborhood to the community center serving the favela residents high on the hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  After exiting the elevator, they followed the crimson carpet to the center of the educational program, the Biblioteca, or library.  As a school librarian, this got my attention... Read more

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Latest News About the Trip

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Press Release (posted 06/29/12)
Brazil Blog (posted 06/27/12)
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Map of PUC-Rio #1 (posted 06/21/12)
Bulletin #4: Last tips and reminders prior to departure (posted 06/21/12)
Bulletin #3: Additional Information for Brazil Study Abroad (posted 06/14/12)
Final Orientation Session was held on Wednesday, 06/20/12, in Centennial Hall at Thompson Alumni Center. (posted 06/12/12)
Bulletin #2: PUC's Pre-Departure Manual (posted 06/01/12)
Bulletin #1: Brazil Travel and Safety Tips (posted 05/25/12)

Brazil: Critical Issues

A pilot project developed to support the University of Nebraska's global engagement priority to offer the opportunity for significant international experiences to students. This is a three-semester hour course that combines: a) distance learning and survival Portuguese prior to departure, b) on-site study abroad and basic Portuguese language instruction at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, c) a service-learning project at a local community organization working with poor neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro and possible travel to a second Brazilian city. Among the critical issues students will explore in Brazil are: education, politics, food, health and environment, inequality and social justice, race, urbanization and Brazil’s rise to a global power.

Important: This is a partially internet mediated study abroad course. The internet segment of the course begins on June 4 and ends on June 22, 2012. Prior to our departure for Brazil, we will hold an orientation session. Watch your email and Blackboard announcements for the date of the orientation session. Departure date for Brazil is June 23. The return date is July 15. Final grades will be awarded at the end of the trip.