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Students seeking academic advising may contact LOURDES GOUVEIA, OLLAS director, or any of the Latino/Latin American Studies FACULTY.  Stop by OLLAS in ASH 102 for additional information about the PROGRAM, our FACULTY, and CLASSES.

Read about our major and minor requirements, along with the OLLAS Job Credential, OLLAS faculty and staff, and OLLAS Programs on the OLLAS Advising, Staff and Selected Program Information Flat Sheet in English, and view our APPROVED COURSES before your advising appointment.


OLLAS Advising Guidelines

Have an advising flag? Not sure what classes to take?
Thinking about adding a minor in Chicano/Latino Studies
or a Major in Latino/Latin American Studies?

Schedule your advising appointments today!

Stop by the new Office of Latino/Latin American Studies (OLLAS), ASH 102 to sign up for an appointment. The sign up sheet is located on the front desk at OLLAS.

Other information:

✓ Advising appointments must be made 2 days in advance.

✓ If you need to cancel your appointment, please call us at 402-554-3835.

How to prepare for your advising appointment?

Click the image above
to view the OLLAS Advising Guidelines
in PDF.

✓ Check Degreeworks before your appointment and review your progress toward graduation; missing requirements for all majors and minors.

✓ Identify possible courses to take in the coming semesters.

✓ If you have another major in another department, please make sure to make appointments with the appropriate advisors.

✓ If one of your majors is Latino/Latin American Studies you are REQUIRED to make an advising appointment at OLLAS, even if another department has removed your flag.

✓ Try to make appointments with all your major departments within a very short time of each other.

Download the OLLAS Advising Guidelines and start preparing for your advising appointment today!



Recent demographic studies indicate that by 2050, one in four individuals in the United States will be Latino or of Latin American descent.

Many employers have a strong interest in working with and reaching out to Latino communities. Employers actively seek Spanish-speaking employees who understand the changing demographic trends, both locally and globally. Graduates from Latino/Latin American Studies programs have found jobs with the U.S. Foreign Service or other government agencies, as well as with companies that have business interests in Latin America.

Students may find that a double major in Latino/Latin American Studies and another discipline makes them particularly attractive to employers. Students who combine Latino/Latin American Studies with journalism can work for newspapers and radio and television stations that serve Latino communities or with media organizations that seek to target this rapidly growing and diverse group. A major in Spanish and Latino/Latin American Studies enhances a student’s language skills by providing broader understanding of the relationship between U.S. Latinos and Latin America from a variety of social science perspectives (i.e., political, sociological, geographical, etc.).

For more information contact OLLAS at 402-554-3835.