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Cuba in the Twenty-First Century
Study Abroad 2012

26 July 2012 What is there to say about Cuba? About Cubans? I’ve always hated the invariable, gushing assertion from any traveler abroad that the people of an area are “wonnnderful.” A skeptic might point to the deep pockets of the American tourist as the inspiration for the brightest smiles and sweetest compliments in the so-called Third World... READ MORE

News About the Trip

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>> UNO News Release: UNO Students Take Study Abroad Trip to Cuba

>> Omaha World Herald: UNO prof leads students to Cuba to help renovate theater

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News About Cuba

>> Havana's historic quarter begins small-biz rentals
>> Cuban Health Care: Under Observation: An outbreak of cholera tests a much-praised health system
>> Cuban doctors battle to control cholera
>> Cuba gets first maritime shipment from Miami in 50 years
>> Cuba As Seen On A New 'People-To-People' Tour
>> Raul Castro taps old friend Russia for help
>> Cuba uses biotechnology to revive coffee industry
>> Regular maritime shipments of humanitarian goods for Cuba begin from Miami
>> 'Noah's Ark' for Cuba as Namibia ships 148 animals
>> Cuban cyclist in bid for world's biggest bike
>> In Cuba, an opera singer builds an empire
>> Should the U.S. raise a fist or offer a hand to Cuba?
>> Cuba Seeks Closer Ties With Beijing
>> Cuba Cholera Outbreak: Authorities Scrambles To Fight Rare Outbreak
>> Cuba looks to China for inspiration
>> Cuban Paradise for Climbers Is Inviting, but Off-Limits
>> Caribbean Festival in Solidarity with the Cuban Five
>> Cuban Council of State Calls General Elections
>> Cuban leader Raul Castro arrives in China
>> Cuba’s Overlooked Development in Science
>> Cuba’s Parliament: Unanimity vs. Institutionalism
>> Cuba Implements More than 100 Local Development Projects
>> International Organization Ratifies Support for Cuba’s Development
>> Tourism Finds Solid Support in Academic Studies
>> Cuba: Having to “Eat Crow”