UNO Official Peer Institutions

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents maintains an official set of peer institutions that are used for tuition/fee and salary comparisons. For information on the selection process, see: Board of Regents Peer Selection

Selected Comparison Information on UNO's Official Peers

Peer University Institutional Research Links

Cleveland State University

Northern Illinois University

Portland State University

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

University of Colorado at Denver

University of Missouri at St. Louis

University of North Carolina-Charlotte

University of Northern Iowa

University of Texas at San Antonio

Wichita State University

UNO CUMU Peer Institutions

UNO also tracks its performance relative to a set of universities that are members of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities. For information on these campuses, see the Welcome page on the Performance INformation Gateway (PING) site at: . For see how UNO compares to its informal CUMU peers on several different indicators, see the PING KPI web page at: