Institutional Research


The mission of Institutional Research (IR) is to collect, analyze, and disseminate information in support of university strategic planning, policy formulation, decision-making, assessment, and compliance reporting. The UNO Strategic Plan identifies campus goals and indicators that promote a culture of excellence. This office's plan harmonizes with the campus plan and is updated annually to specifically address the information, assessment outcomes, and measurements used to monitor progress towards campus goals. This office does not have the resources to support student research.


The goals of the OIR include the following:

  • Provide leadership and coordination for the University's accountability and reporting
  • Provide leadership to the University's strategic planning process
  • Coordinate the development of data management and campus data warehousing
  • Assist academic and administrative departments in assessment, student information analysis, productivity information
  • Analyze and disseminate information about the University in support of institutional decision-making, planning, and reporting
  • Assist campus departments in the design of survey instruments
  • Fulfill other initiatives as assigned by the University Senior Vice Chancellor