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Friday, December 12, 2008

The Faux Show :: Bemis Underground

how do i submit work?

fill out the online entry form any time...then, simply bring your work along with your entry fees to the bemis underground on wednesday, december 10, 2008 between 8am - 8pm.

how many pieces can i enter?

each student can enter up to 4 pieces with a $5 per piece entry fee. work must be ready to display with wires, hooks, etc already attached.

when and where is the faux show?

the faux show will take place on december 12, 2008 at the bemis underground (located at 12th & leavenworth) the show will run from 7pm to midnight.

what if i don't fill out the online entry form?

if you don't fill out the online entry form, you can still enter work by bringing your work to the bemis underground on december 10th. you will be asked to fill out an entry form at that time.

what if i fill out the entry form and change my mind about bringing a particular entry down?

that is fine, either fill out another entry form online, or just email unooaa@unomaha.edu letting us know of the change.

i made a diptych, triptych, etc...does that count as more than one piece?

no, it still only counts as one piece, but please don't bring down 4 triptychs.

can i sell my work at the show?

yes, but oaa does not handle the sales, nor do we take any kind of cut from the sales. we will only provide interested buyers with a method of contacting the artist if the artist has listed a price for the piece or listed the piece as price on request.

when do i pick my work up?

you can pick your work up on saturday, december 13th between noon and 7pm.

do i have to be a member of oaa to submit work?

absolutely not, but we would love to have you as a member.

i want to join oaa. how?

if you want to join oaa, the easiest way is to come to our weekly meetings in the gallery at 12:30pm every wednesday. of course, we would love any help for setting up the show and other show related duties even if you've never come to a meeting.

i have a question not answered here.

feel free to email unooaa@unomaha.edu with any questions not answered here.