Abattoir Editions

Bradley, et.al. Three Winter Poems ($25)

Deagon, The Polo Poems ($45)

Duggin, The Music Box Treaty ($40)

Kooser, A Decade of Kooser Valentines ($20)

Logan, Moorhen ($45)

Martin, Passages from Friday ($35)

Ralegh, The Ocean to Cynthia ($40)

Blue Heron Press

- First Night/Day Skies ($500)

- Lore of Gold ($450)

our of print D'Ambrosio, Mexican Gothic

Raz, Hilda. Truly Bone ($500)


Agee, My Mother's Hands ($15)

Aizenberg, Florigraphy ($15)

our of print Brady, Giving Up the Ghost ($25)

Brady, Color of Tongues ($25)

Brady, Mother Nature / Nine Twelve ($15)

Brady, The Prodigal Daughter Wears Out ($50)

Brady, Proof ($15)

Carruth, Three New Poems ($24)

Duncan, tr., Dante's I come to that point ($15)

Hacker, Grief | Rue des Écouffes ($35)

Howell, King of the Butterflies ($35)

our of print Kosmicki, How Things Happen

Layton, Postpartum Lullaby ($30)

McCleery, Blown Roses ($35)

McCleery, Girl Talk (5) broadside ($15)

Schenck, Psychograms ($40)

Buttonmaker Press

our of print Anonymous, Kilkash broadside ($15)

The Cummington Press

Berg, Homage to the Afterlife ($20)

Berg, Sea Ice: Versions of Eskimo Song ($56)

Bobb, Voyage to Cythera ($100)

Bolton, Breckinridge County Suite ($60)

Corn, The Pith Helmet ($30)

Davis, Lares: Poems 1985-1986 ($40)

Finlay, The Salt of Exposure ($30)

Gibbs, Poets Like Oysters ($70)

Goldensohns, East Long Pond ($35)

Greer, Bathsheba on the Third Day ($60)

Hahn, One More Time & Other Poems ($40)

Howard, Lenten Anniversaries ($65)

Howard, Northern Interior ($40)

Lieberman, L., The St. Kitts Monkey Feuds ($50)

Lucina, I Asked Hoping ($40)

McCurdy, Twenty-Four Bagatelles ($50)

Sanders, The Suicide ($15)

Lyra Press

Kooser, A Book of Things ($125)

Snyder, Quintet No. 3 for Winds for John Moran ($600)

Nosila Press

Aizenberg, Muse ($20)

Brummels, Clay Hills ($20)

Pterodactyl Press

Carey, The Noise the Earth Makes ($19)

Dickey, Joy ($40)

Dickey, King of the Golden River ($17)

Dickey, The Sacrifice Consenting ($17)

Dickey, Six Philosophical Songs ($8)

Finkel, Van Duyn, et. al., Reading Ourselves to Sleep ($10)

Hoefer, Imagining the Garden ($20)

Hearst, A Country Man ($19. & $12.50)

Hopkins, Sonnets ($12)

Marcus, Lying, Cheating, & Stealing ($10)

Pearce, Tesson's Orchard ($35 & 15)

Snodgrass, Heinrich Himmler ($15 & $25)

Struthers, Stoneboat & Other Poems ($40, $20, & $13.50)

Soundpost Press

O'Connell, G., Getting the Range ($7.50)

The Swing Bridge Press

Creech, Rise Above the Law ($40)

UNO Book Arts Students

Aizenberg et. al., Artfeast: An Anthology by 7 Women ($7.50)

Brasile M., A Book of Lists ($29)

Brasile M., Home Sweet House ($100)

out of print Hartog, Carter Lake ($35)

out of print Housand, Lines in Time ($30)

Kizer D., Big Truck Hunting ($27)

out of print LeClerc, Je Me Souviens / I Remember A View of Quebec ($30)

Lenz D., Adam, After the Garden ($25)

Lenz D., Glinkerglank: The Story of Sound ($35)

Murphy K., Shanty Irish Pigpen ($25)

Peterson, Hey Baby, When Do You Get Off? ($30 & $25)

Zydek et. al., Annex 22: An Anthology of Omaha Poets ($30)

UNO Editions

Rosenberg, Generatrix ($30)

Wu Wubing, In a Remote Place, mezzotints ($250)

Yellow Barn Press

out of print Coleman, The Parson-Printer of Lustleigh ($39)

out of print DePol, Not Barn Again

Garland, Return of a Private ($59)

Levy, Sandy MacPherson: Book Collector ($35)

Pollak, A Year at the Sorbonne: A Proustian Life ($149)

Walsdorf & Symons, ed., Julian Symons Remembered ($60)

The Yellow Barn Press: A History and Bibliography ($400)

compiled by Jack Walsdorf with history and comments by Neil Shaver

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