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To order

Send an email listing titles to the NBAC.

Please note: The number of copies listed is the number printed, not the number in stock.

Before you send payment, a confirmation that the titles are in stock and an invoice will be emailed. Upon receipt of your check, the books will be shipped. We prefer UPS insured (no PO boxes). Please indicate if alternate shipping is required.

Shipping: Add $4 for 1 - 3 books, $5 for 4-5, $6 for 5-10 books.

Nebraska residents: Add 7.5% sales tax.

Or, you may write or call:

Nebraska Book Arts Center
University of Nebraska at Omaha
60th & Dodge Streets
Weber Fine Arts Room 124
Omaha NE 68182-0173

Please e-mail Denise Brady if you have questions about you order, or any of the titles listed.

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