The Nebraska Book Arts Center was founded in 1989 by the Nebraska Board of Regents to advance critical appreciation and knowledge of the book, and to promote the arts of fine book production.

The Center's goals are:

  • to educate the public and students in the history, theory, and practice of typography, presswork, illustration, papermaking, bookbinding, and publishing;
  • to provide information for printers, book artists, and authors; and
  • to market fine press books, especially literary first editions.

The Nebraska Book Arts Center distributes handmade limited edition books for Abattoir Editions, Blue Heron Press, Bradypress, The Cummington Press, Goldfinch Press, Lyra Press, Nosila Press, Pterodactyl Press, The Stone Dragon Press, The Swing Bridge Press, The Yellow Barn Press, UNO Editions and UNO's book arts students.