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Native American Studies Program
Native American Studies

Full-Time Faculty

Dennis J. Smith, Director, Native American Studies, Associate Professor of History (email)
287 C ASH, 402-554-3688 Assiniboine (Fort Peck)
Northern Plains Tribes, Native American History, North American Indian Cultures
Ft. Peck Reservation Assiniboine and Sioux history; Federal Indian policy

Jessiline Anderson, Associate Professor of Psychology (e-mail)
347 F ASH, 402-554-4811 Omaha Tribe of Nebraska
Psychological and endocrine disorders; Leadership styles of African-American women in the clergy; Suicide prevention/intervention strategies in Native American communities.

Timi Barone, Associate Professor of Anthropology (e-mail)
383 J ASH ; 402-554-3372
Medical Anthropology; Ethnomedicine; Human Adaptation

Kent Blansett, Assistant Professor (e-mail)
287ASH, 402-554-2593
Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Shawnee, and Potawatomi
American Indian History, 20th Century US History, American West, Urban History, Global Indigenous

Michele Desmarais, Associate Professor of Religious Studies (e-mail)
205 ASH; 402-554-2679 Canadian Metis/Dakota
Indian thought; Yoga Psychology; Religion and the brain; Religion and film

Brady DeSanti, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies (e-mail)
205 ASH; 402-554-2956 Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Ojibwe
Native American Religious Studies

Lyn M. Holley, Associate Professor of Gerontology (e-mail)
210 CPACS; 402-554-4814 Cherokee
Working with the Minority Elderly

Bruce Johansen, Professor of Communication (e-mail)
107 V ASH; 402-554-4851
Environmental Issues; Native American Studies

Teresa Trumbly Lamsam, Associate Professor of Communication (e-mail)
Leave of Absence Osage
Native American Press; Development Communication; Community Development

David Peterson, Associate Professor of English (e-mail)
189 X ASH; 402-554-3636
Native American poetry and drama; Contact, conquest, discovery, and travel narratives of the Americas; North American frontier narratives; American poetry and drama

Jeanne Reames, Associate Professor of History (e-mail)
287 K ASH; 402-554-2489 Peoria/Miami
Ancient Greece and Macedonia, Alexander the Great, History of the Early Church
Power politics at the court of Alexander the Great, Macedonian social history

Hugh Reilly, Associate Professor of Communication (e-mail)
140 C ASH; 402-554-3543
Advertising; Journalism History; Public Relations

Beth R. Ritter, Associate Professor of Anthropology (e-mail)
383 ASH; 402-554-3376
Federal Indian Policy, Contemporary Native American Issues

Barbara Robins, Associate Professor of English (e-mail)
189 L ASH; 402-554-3326
Native American Literature and Visual Arts, Historical Trauma, Native American responses to 9/11

Mark Scherer, Associate Professor of History (e-mail)
287 T ASH, 402-554-2835
Nebraska and Great Plains Legal & political history
Native American Legal History, American Revolutionary History

Edouardo Zendejas, Instructor (e-mail)
307 ASH; 402-554-2624 Omaha Tribe of Nebraska
Native American Mascots; Native American Law

Audrey DeFrank, Director of Research Services, Criss Library (e-mail) LIB 206; 402-554-3924 Arapaho

Part-Time Faculty

Jo Behrens (e-mail)

Brooktynn Blood (e-mail), Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

Carolyn K. Fiscus (e-mail), Ho-Chunk

Cindy A. Krafka (e-mail), Lakota

Maunka Morgan (e-mail), Ho-Chunk

Thomas M. Render, Jr. (e-mail), Lakota

Catherine J. Warren (e-mail), Chickasaw

Jordan Zendejas (e-mail), Omaha Tribe of Nebraska


Renee New Holy, Staff Assistant (e-mail), Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

Gretchen Carroll, Work-Study Student Cheyenne

In Memoriam

Judy Boss, Professor of English
Shamanism; Native American Literature

Emeritus Faculty

Michael C. Carrol, Professor Emeritus
Goodrich Program

Linda Parker, Professor Emerita
Criss Library

Michael L. Tate, Professor Emeritus
History Department